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Kobe Bryant

Drops $329,000 on a New Ferrarri

3/25/2012 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Kobe Bryant still has plenty of spending cash, because he just dropped a HUGE chunk of change on a sick new car. Must be nice.

According to our sources, Kobe's new ride is a Ferrari 458 Italia (see below). We're told the Black Mamba paid $329,000 yesterday for the car ... which he paid for in full with a check. 


Kobe's salary for the season is roughly $25 million, so for him ... this is like buying a used Honda.

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No Avatar

Chuck D of Valpo    

I cannot even afford the floor mats.

907 days ago

Who Knew    

I was a great car until that fraudulent Gypsy Kartashian started putting that huge A$$ of her's in one.

907 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

LOL at the hating ass white trolls on TMZ mad at Kobe because they don't make in 8 years what he just paid for a car lmao.

907 days ago


Ill take my Grand Marquis over that. Try going over a pot hole in that and putting $200 worth of groceries in the back! Then again he could buy one of those too.

907 days ago


"Must be nice."
Way to try to stir the hornets' nest TMZ.
He's one of top players and is paid accordingly.
Stop working for Harvey if it bothers u so much.

907 days ago

Tony the Giant    

That's all you women do is poke out the mouth and give a man a hard time. And then ya'll are gonna take advantage of the fact that the law is gonna take sides with a woman than she would a man. Women can say anything about a man and they will believe it.

907 days ago


That's 20 times the budget I'm working with for a new car, which will take me years to pay off. Pretty gross big-picture look at the massive gulf between the rich and the rest of us.

907 days ago


Kobe and Vanessa are ghetto trash.

907 days ago


What happened to his helicopter???

907 days ago


Sweet....he paid $31,250 in sales tax on that car. The state of California says thank you as well as whomever was paid commission on the sale. Just call it old fashioned "stimulus" that we tax payers did not have to fund. Enjoy the car Kobe and drive carefully!

907 days ago

king troy    

white people hate seeing blacks doing good in life and with alot of money.

907 days ago

Tony the Giant    

O my God, wouldn't that be nice. Be able to buy a space craft and fly anywhere in time I want to. I'll fly to a space and time, where there is no such a thing as crime and violence.

907 days ago


must be nice

907 days ago


I would've gotten the Spider version but I'm still jealous.

906 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Slow day in the world of gossip? It may be time to take a serious look at your staff TMZ.

10 articles about the same topic covering the first page of the site saying pretty much the same thing that could easily be condensed and bumped to the top. Constant articles about "reality" stars no one considers a celebrity or even cares about. And articles like this that have nothing to do with celebrity gossip. Someone famous was out shopping... ooooooooo.

This site used to be amusing to read but now it is all about scrolling through crap that some publicist probably paid you to post just to find something half interesting to read. Maybe if you spend less time with the filler you would stop getting scooped by other sites all the time.

906 days ago
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