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Lindsay Lohan

All Smiles

After Final Probation Meeting

3/26/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0325_lilo_wm_exLindsay Lohan flashed an ear-to-ear grin after her final meeting with her probation officer last week in Santa Monica ... as can clearly be seen in this photo obtained by TMZ. 

According to our sources, Lindsay was ecstatic at the end of the meeting -- because instead of usually setting the date of their next appointment, LiLo's probation officer told her they are all done. 

Lindsay is on track to finish the last of her probation requirements this week before her final hearing with Judge Stephanie Sautner on Thursday

What could possibly go wrong between now and then?


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She could get busted for coke again.

840 days ago


Judge Sautner would impose a rule for probation, and then kept bending them off record. It even became an issue during court, Holley said if she didnt stick to the rules it could set Lindsay up for a violation.

The Judge is flaky.

840 days ago

Ellie G    

Smilling like an idiot and no dirty fingers in mouth. She really really really has changed.

840 days ago


JILL666 is over at radar freaking out and backtracking..she has changed names, and ready for a stiff one, and some meds.

840 days ago


I really hope jill is dina,because the only other mother I have seen lie for their kid this much is Cindy anthony...Jill is a freaking nut job..

840 days ago


Another pretty red head to replace Lindsay....Poppy Montgomery

840 days ago


I would be all smiles too if I got off with a slap on the wrist after reeking havoc on the judicial system for years, doing things that would land the poor average Joe in prison.

Its really hard to feel joy for someone who finally decided after years of disrespecting the court to do what has been court ordered for them to do only because they had a hefty jail term hanging over their head and a judge who held their hand walking them through it month to month every freakin step of the way.

Now that Lindsay is off formal probation (she is still on probation so if she so much as drunkly pisses on the wrong person she will be violated) lets see if she can keep her nose clean literally.

I am just wondering however if she does clean up her act, stay out of trouble what will become of her? I mean the media only gives her attention when she is being hauled out of a courtroom in cuffs, running people over drunk outside of night clubs, throwing drinks at people at parties ect ect..Look at Brit Brit. She got all TMZ ect attention when she was doing crazy things however now she is pretty much out of the news yet she still has a career for herself. I see that with Lindsay IF and its a big if she stays out of trouble. I think she will get B/C acting gigs but no one will care about her and she will be replaced as TMZ train wreck queen with a new up and coming train wreck. I hope for the best but I really see a nasty steak in Lindsay, she is a nasty person and I think she will be walking down her court room cat walk again in the near future.

Thats my two cents for the day!

840 days ago

LA Native    

For your monday morning reading pleasure:

840 days ago

Ellie G    

GC, I went to bed after my post last night so I didnt see your comment. Around here we find the Lake Superior agates. Very earthy colors like reds and oranges with some grays and white thrown in. The one I found yesterday was rootbeer colored with dark gray lines running through it.

840 days ago


Does anyone really think she can stay out of trouble?

840 days ago


ok now I am completely grossed out !!! CB is running a story about Gerard Bulter and he looks bad...bloated and sleazy and quess who he has been hooking up with at the Marmont....You got it the queen fo the STDs Lindsay Lohan...Not only are his people worried to death that he has jumped feet first into the complete drug scene cesspool but he is shagging the cesspool resident hooker....and probably getting his drugs from the same source...Terry Richerdson who he has been seen with..
One more victem of Lindsay ....

840 days ago


I think that Honig is spinning Butler as a romantic prospect.

Butler is looking rough, though, like Lohan. Both ex-Bettty Ford......

840 days ago


For years, I've dreamed of owning my own self-supporting business. Nothing too complicated but an enterprise that would shower me with millions with very little effort and zero chance of failure. I finally found success, and it's sweet!

I started a champagne glass manufacturing company.

840 days ago


I nominate LaShawn Holley for an Oscar. Pretending to believe Linds is anything less than a murderer-in-training. No better performance has ever been achieved.
Honorable mention to Judge Littlejay for her unprecedented babysitting accomplishments.

840 days ago


Good for you Lindsey, We hope you well and can get back to doing what you do so well acting, Just remember it can still be hard sometimes but new friends and NO help from those parents you will go far.. Good luck

840 days ago
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