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Robbie Williams

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MJ's Death House

3/26/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The first prospective buyer who came to look at the house where Michael Jackson died was singer Robbie Williams ... and who knew he was so loaded?

Our spies saw Robbie roll up to the house Thursday afternoon in his Range Rover.

The house was just listed -- again -- this time the asking price is $23.9 million.

We know anyone who looks at the estate has to pre-qualify ... meaning they have to show they can afford the steep purchase price.

As for Robbie, a London newspaper estimates his 2011 net worth at $149 mil. Robbie currently owns a home in the Beverly Hills area -- he paid $16 mil back in 2008. And he bought a house down the street and uses the land as a soccer field. Now that's rich.

As for the Holmby Hills estate -- Michael was renting it from Hubert Guez, the CFO of Ed Hardy. The house is 17,000 square feet, with 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

As for whether Robbie is interested in making an offer ... his rep had no comment.



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Danger Baby    

Out of all the members of Take That, Robbie Williams never really seemed to fit in. Roguishly handsome where his bandmates were merely cute, Williams was tougher and sexier than the rest, which made him more distinctive.


Oh yes, the incredibly handsome and sexy robbie, the real God of Pop, you only have to hear his voice and you quiver in his sexiness. Oh God, not fair to have given so much gift to this one single individual. God must love him more than his son, more than any single soul on earth.

I am a big fan of Robbie Williams forever and ever!

909 days ago



909 days ago


Good Grief

It seems SOME people have wayyyyyyyyy too much spare time on their hands.


909 days ago


LOL, to the person (helen?) who said Robbie is looking for attention still?? He has said the reason he lives in America is because it is the only place he can live a quiet life...and no he is not attempting to "break" America. He used to want that but states he enjoys his relative anonymity here (it's how he met his wife). He said on a recent blog of his that he liked MJ's music ok but was not a particular fan of his so I doubt he wants the house to say he lives where MJ did.

It's too bad hardly anybody on here seems to want to know music outside the U.S. I am an American fan who flew to London for the sole purpose of seeing the guy in concert...did not disappoint. Are people aware he broke the Guiness Book of Records with most tickets sold in one day back in approx 2005 or 2006? I don't know if that record still stands (ironically MJ might have broken that when he announced the "This is It" tour). Not being big in America is probably the best thing that ever happened to Mr Williams. Nobody really got his sense of humor anyway. One of the most self-deprecating guys out there!

908 days ago

B.K. Oliver    

Look at picture #8. If you look to the side wall oppisite of the windows beside the firplace; doesn't it look like MJ's face??

908 days ago


I like Robbie a lot. He's a great singer and entertainer, has a lot of humor and charisma and deserves respect for the way he overcame his drug problems.

Not so nice, though, what he had to tell about the Jackson family. Sorry, I had to translate it back from German, so these are not his original words and probably content of some grammatical errors:

"They are off their rocker. I've seen Michael's brother Jermaine on British TV at 'Celebrity TV'. He seems to be a really amiable man. But he called his son Jermajesty. Michael, Jermaine and all the rest of the Jackson family, they have been living in a different universe for all of these years, completely uncoupled from the normal world. With or without fame and stardom – the Jacksons would have been a family of freaks anyway. But the worldwide success has set them on fire even more". Asked whether Michael's fate was a daunting example for him, Robbie answered: "Not really. Maybe it's easier for me to understand certain ways of behaviour". Sometimes he'd be afraid of his audience, too. "Michael Jackson could sing in front of hundreds of thousands and captivate them – but obviously he didn't like it". About his own fears he said: "There are some evenings when I say: Hey, 80000 people, no problem at all. Give them to me! But on other evenings I don't even dare to enter the stairs up to the stage. Then I'm afraid. Really afraid of my audience. And the worst is: I can't control it".

Not so nice

908 days ago


... sorry, the last "not so nice" didn't belong there...

908 days ago


Uh, sorry to disappoint.

Not banned. Never have been.

Unlike SOME on the boards who do not even have a profile.

Hint, hint....

908 days ago
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