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Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomber

Is an 'ASS'

3/29/2012 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-bruce-jenner-vidBruce Jenner is rallying behind his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian -- claiming the rogue PETA member who dumped flour on her last week is nothing more than a pathetic little "ass."

Bruce and Kris Jenner were leaving LAX yesterday -- when a photog asked what they thought about the flour-bombing PETA activist Christina Cho blasting Kim for wearing the flesh of dead animals.

Bruce didn't miss a beat, calling Cho an "ass." Meanwhile, Kris played coy.

As we previously reported, Kim's sis Khloe has already cut ties with PETA over the flour-bombing -- accusing the organization of "bullying." 


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Pittsburgh's Finest    

No, Bruce Jenner, you are an *ss. Your plastic surgeon has not been good to you. OMG, your face looks like an *ss. Your wife is an *ss. She was asked a basic question and could not understand it. Maybe if she wouldve done something in her life to educate herself instead of lying on her back for a living, she would be able to comprehend. This family goes to show women that if you suck the right d*ck you and your family can be paid. LMAO. Slut bucket!

938 days ago


Yeah, Mama Ten Percent was acting coy. Doesn't want to have to eat too many of her words when it's discovered that the whole thing was a joint publicity stunt of mutual benefit. Has fake written all over it. Mama and Kimmie were well prepared and calm, Kimmie was covered up head to toe in material from which flour would be easily removed. A real unexpected protest would wait until Kimmie was actually wearing fur and what was tossed would be easily concealable and damaging to the fur - and Kimmie would have had a fit, Mama Ten Percent would have tackled the woman, and security people would have been loudly fired. Guess Brucie wasn't let in on the plan, since his opinion never counts anyway.

938 days ago

Bill C.    

Too much surgery Bruce. You look like an old lesbian.

938 days ago

HONCHO 69    

Bruce Jenner looks like an "OLD LESBIAN!"

938 days ago


Bruce needs to be more concerned over his 16 tweeting pix of herself in a miniscule bikini rather than his oh-so-too-late skank step daughters. Look under your nose, Bruce... you got some big trouble comin' your way, dude.

938 days ago


What happened to Bruce Jenner? He used to be a person someone could respect.

938 days ago

Yep I said that    

Hey Bruce the Kockroachian trollops have made one BIG "ass" out of you. Is this another attempt at trying to make Kim the skank a victim. You lot are nothing but predictable every time the main ho gets bad press you all take turns turning up all over the place defending her

938 days ago


Is that Bruce Jenner? boy! he looks bad and pathetic .

938 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Hey Bruce you would know all about big "asses" your "wife" has one and your step daughter Kim has a double wide, Khoe has her "luggage" also, then of course they have all made you one big "ass" too.

938 days ago


And he's ***** whip.She got what she deserve,her mom should have got a **** bomb.

938 days ago


Bruce Jenner looks like a woman, is told what to do by a woman, hain his own household which is ran by women and yet he has the nerve to call Christine a pathetic little ass for throwing flour on his bimbo step-daughter. Give me a break.

938 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Aweeee lookie at stepfather taking up for Porta-Potty. Did she threaten to fist punch you if you did not support her through publicity? That bit of support will only make you a active part of a family that loves publicity even if it is negative.... (which it usually is). Stand tall, take a deep breath, and log on to TMZ to get your ass fired at. sowreeee. lol

938 days ago


News reports- Khloe and Lamar soon to be over. Since they have been living alone,together for the first time (no Rob for Lamar to hang with),Lamar is finding out ,he can't stand Khloe.

938 days ago


The whole family is such a joke. People are laughing at them. Wish they would just shut up for once.

938 days ago


Great wealth blunts the conscience of many!

938 days ago
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