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L.A. School Sex Scandal

17-Year-Old Boy

Allegedly Molests 4-year-old

3/29/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-LA-Adventist-Academy-googlemaps-EXTMZ has learned of another sex scandal at an L.A. school ... this time involving a 17-year-old high school student who allegedly was left alone with a classroom filled with 4-year-olds and then molested one of them. 

It happened at Los Angeles Adventist Discoveryland -- a religious institution that operates a child day care facility -- this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

According to the suit, in October, 2011, two teachers left a 17-year-old boy from the affiliated high school alone with a room filled with very young children.  The suit claims on two occasions the boy targeted a 4-year-old girl while she was napping on a cot, stuck his hand down her underpants and penetrated her anus with his finger.  The suit goes on to allege he also rubbed and touched her vagina, telling her to be quiet and close her eyes.
TMZ has obtained a document showing the boy was prosecuted in the juvenile justice system earlier this year. The lawyer for the girl -- legal juggernaut Donald E. Karpel -- tells us, "I was Informed by the DA's office that the juvenile pleaded guilty to one count of rape."

He adds, "To the outrage of the family, the judge sentenced the juvenile to only home probation. This is why these acts continue to be prevalent in our schools. How do I explain to a 4-year-old her loss of innocence at the hands of another."

The suit -- which is filed on the girl's behalf -- seeks unspecified damages.

It's the latest sex scandal in the L.A. schools ...  the most shocking is an elementary school teacher who allegedly spoon-fed semen to his students as part of a "tasting game."


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arale norimaki    

what the funk a 17 year old is doing with a 4 year?

937 days ago


This boy, if guilty, should be locked up for life. We have to realize THIS TYPE OF PREDATOR will do this all his life. Some say the average PEDOPHILE will attack hundreds of victims before they're caught , will always prey on the most vulnerable. We , as a society, need to recognize that the only solution for this type is putting them down , like the the rabid dogs they are. Death to Pedophiles !!!

937 days ago


Why didn't the sex offender registry protect those children? Why are we spending four hundred million per year on that photo album if it doesn't work?

937 days ago


Ok so this is not even appropriate for this site. Come on TMZ!! And for the moron who made this racial, get a effin life!! There are perverts in every race. No one needs you making more out f this situation. None of this should have ever been put on here.

937 days ago


Why is this even being posted about on your website? I am a mom of 4 small kids and you just made me physically sick to my stomach. And there was NO need to be so graphic. These are images that I don't need in my head.

936 days ago


is it normal if i pop a boner while reading this?

936 days ago


The legal system has some major flaws. I agree with a previous comment a child molester deserves life in prison, and castration.

He is lucky he didnt do this to my daughter, because he would know what it feels like to be violated. A lot more than violating his ass with broom stick. Anyone who could sexually abuse an innocent child deserves to die, or rot in prison.

I just heard about a case today about a guy molesting 17 girls in a school, and he got 2 years! What a joke. Rape is worse than murder, in my opinion!

936 days ago


Aye wtf? take this mess off.... putting a school on blast for something that happened hella long ago that doesnt even have anything to do with TMZ. smh, who puts details like that on a website?! Or are yall a pornsite now? Smh

936 days ago


WTF is wrong with you TMZ, I come to this site to read about the 'troubles' of the celebrity world and to avoid the horrible news in the real world, why are you posting this?

936 days ago


Ummmm PQ I disagree with your comment. My daughter is 11 years old and can very vividly remember events from when she was 3 years old. She's never had anything like this happen to her, but kids tend to remember traumatic events in their lives. So how are you going to sit there and say that the child will not remember it? As if it's okay that this was done to her. If she is old enough to understand to tell someone that something wrong is happening to her, then she's old enough to remember.

936 days ago


well i go to this school, knew the guy he was a creep & i hope he ****in dies -___- this is sad & kids do remember stuff like this i just hope it doesn't come & haunt her back :(

936 days ago


As a preschool teacher this makes me doubly sick. In my state it is against the law to leave anyone who doesn't work for the school alone with the children. The teachers that left him alone with the children should be fired.

936 days ago

Mai Love     

wtf ! I use to go to that school. From K thru 8th . Sad to see this stigma attached to the school. smdh

930 days ago

cant tell u    

omg i graduated from that school smh

924 days ago


His ass should be in jail.

924 days ago
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