L.A. School Sex Scandal 17-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Molests 4-year-old

3/29/2012 5:30 AM PDT

New Sex Scandal in L.A. School

TMZ has learned of another sex scandal at an L.A. school ... this time involving a 17-year-old high school student who allegedly was left alone with a classroom filled with 4-year-olds and then molested one of them. 

It happened at Los Angeles Adventist Discoveryland -- a religious institution that operates a child day care facility -- this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

According to the suit, in October, 2011, two teachers left a 17-year-old boy from the affiliated high school alone with a room filled with very young children.  The suit claims on two occasions the boy targeted a 4-year-old girl while she was napping on a cot, stuck his hand down her underpants and penetrated her anus with his finger.  The suit goes on to allege he also rubbed and touched her vagina, telling her to be quiet and close her eyes.
TMZ has obtained a document showing the boy was prosecuted in the juvenile justice system earlier this year. The lawyer for the girl -- legal juggernaut Donald E. Karpel -- tells us, "I was Informed by the DA's office that the juvenile pleaded guilty to one count of rape."

He adds, "To the outrage of the family, the judge sentenced the juvenile to only home probation. This is why these acts continue to be prevalent in our schools. How do I explain to a 4-year-old her loss of innocence at the hands of another."

The suit -- which is filed on the girl's behalf -- seeks unspecified damages.

It's the latest sex scandal in the L.A. schools ...  the most shocking is an elementary school teacher who allegedly spoon-fed semen to his students as part of a "tasting game."