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'Real Houswives' Slade Smiley

My Ex Better Back Off ...

'Cause I'm No Deadbeat

3/30/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Slade Smiley from "Real Housewives of Orange County" is threatening legal action against his baby mama after he was verbally assaulted on a Hollywood red carpet and accused of being a deadbeat dad.

TMZ posted the video this morning of a man attacking Slade and Gretchen Rossi ... accusing Slade of being $160,000 in arrears on his child support to Michelle Arroyo

Slade's attorney tells TMZ, “Slade is not a deadbeat dad and is making timely payments. We will be looking into this further and if Miss Arroyo did hire these clowns to harass Slade we will exercise all our rights including a restraining order if necessary."

The attorney also says Arroyo is actually denying Slade time with his son, Grayson ... an 11-year-old diagnosed with cancer. Arroyo says Slade is now paying her $775/month, but claims he's still $95,000 behind.

As for last night's 3 ring circus ... Slade's lawyer says, "It appears this whole thing was staged and created by Miss Arroyo who is obviously looking for attention."


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That is a very weak reply to what went on. Money is owed, court papers prove this, the guy is loaded with no excuse to delay payment, especially with a child with cancer. He's only on time with court-ordered monthly payments, not the lump sum as TMZ reported.

939 days ago

liquid kitty    

Mr. Smiley is in arrears. Is he delinquent? We don't know. We do know his son is sick with brain cancer and he is *in arrears* by a goodly amount. It's up to the DA as to when they tired of chasing him to *catch up*. Any way you look at it he owes back child support and that IS NOT current to date as to what he owes. Dead beat? I vote yeah. How sad that this man would rather not pay what is already owed?

939 days ago


I have no sympathy for this deadbeat dad, and yes he is. If he owes $95K to $160...K to his child's mother, that is the DEFINITION of deadbeat

939 days ago


It seems like he's going to a lot of effort to gain fame and public attention. If he's got the means to parade himself at red carpet events, he ought to do right by his kid instead of deflecting blame on his ex. It's sad, really. I don't understand why any woman would want to be with a man who is such a tool. Insecurity, maybe? Either way, it shows a lot about his character, doesn't it?

939 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

As per the last few lines of this story: if she is indeed looking for publicity, TMZ is always desperate to provide it for any sixth-rate wannabe who has been on television. 'course it helped make Snooki a star so why shouldn't other no talents go for it?

939 days ago

Jay W.     

Helluva lot of arrears to be owing ! You shouldn't be smiling Smiley

939 days ago


Oh dear Lord - Please tell me that nobody in the Slade Slimey camp would accuse ANYONE of "looking for attention"! That famewhore will do ANYTHING for camera time. He has no right to accuse anyone of being an attention seeker! Also, I'm sure he is making timely payments NOW - but what about the thousands he owes.

939 days ago


He is such a greasy slime ball....disgusting!!

939 days ago


No, "deadbeat" is not defined by merely owing arrears. It has to be WILLFUL. Obviously, there's no case to be made against him for willful non-payment. His ex is the real dirtbag.

939 days ago


You are the attention whore Slade! Chubawuba needs to get a real job. Gretchan you can do better. But I have to wonder about you staying with such a loser. Please make him go away BRAVO.

939 days ago


She is not looking for attention..she is looking for "compensation"...and as they say "you Gotta do what you gotta do" What the hell does he think 775 a month is going to do for a kid with cancer ? Even if the dad's ins covers the med bills, she has a ton of uncovered expenses...

939 days ago


This POS deserves to be hunted like a dog because he is one!! Any woman that surrounds herself with a loser like Slimey deserves the embarrassment she gets! If you can't take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!!!

939 days ago


Why doesn't Slade have a real job????? His ex-girlfriend went on to find work instead of staying with this loser. Doesn't he think he has to work again?

939 days ago


Them whores will do that.

939 days ago


Ugh. Who are these people?? Ah yes, more garbage from reality tv. Pay up, show up, shut up and go away, Smiley and company.

939 days ago
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