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Keith Olbermann

Planning His Exit

Long Before He Was Fired

3/31/2012 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Keith Olbermann wanted out of Current TV well before he was fired yesterday because he felt the network was mismanaged and wouldn't be around much longer ... sources close to the situation tell TMZ. 

As TMZ first reported, Keith is planning on filing a lawsuit against the network for his unceremonious dumping yesterday. He released a statement that said in part, "It goes almost without saying that the claims against me implied in Current's statement are untrue and will be proved so in the legal actions I will be filing against them presently." 

According to our sources, Keith felt the network was a "ragtag operation" that was disorganized and felt thrown together. We're told Keith felt the entire place was mismanaged ... right down to the office supplies.

On one such occasion, we're told the staff couldn't use one of the printers because it was out of toner and they had none in supply. In a staff-wide email obtained by TMZ (see below), a production administrator told the staff, "We expect to have replacement toner in tomorrow and will have a better stock on hand for the future. Sorry for the inconvenience."

To Keith's point ... they couldn't even fire him without a giant mistake. In Current TV's press release to announce that Eliot Spitzer would be taking over for Olbermann, they provided a Twitter account for Spitzer that is not his. The real Eliot Spitzer doesn't have a Twitter account.


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Cool Papa    

What is being overlooked is how much Olbermann H-A-T-E-D his lead-in show, The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur. Olbermann feels he was promised he'd have full control over the 8pm hour and when Current wanted him to 'share' his viewers during an early GOP primary by having the full station line-up as a panel, Olbermann flatly refused. He didn't do his show that night and Al Gore himself had to fill in. Olbermann not so subtlety Tweeted it was due to Uygur's ham-fisted presence.

938 days ago


He is a supporter of the brown turd Obama... good riddance.

938 days ago


I think the voter fraud in the US is even more massive than we thought because there's supposed to be all of these liberals and yet, you can never seem to find enough of them to to pay attention to their TV/radio shows unless it's funded by the government. Air America is gone and Current TV looks to be on life support.

938 days ago

zina alexi    

3/31/12 Keith's "Worst Persons" was the most educational, entertaining & exciting news on TV. He dropped it twice due to "civil discourse" but highlighting people's lies, hypocrisy, &c have zip to do w/"civil discourse." We counted on Countdown every nite~~he really is the best-est interviewer [Martin Bashir is closing in; also becoming fun & funny]. Get him on CNN at 8pm.


938 days ago

Liz Thompson    

According to a report in the Daily Rash, Keith Olbermann's mom evicted him from her basement a few years ago after he refused to pay rent or help with utility payments.

938 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Keith Olbermann is useless as a compromised condom.

938 days ago


So he did not know what he was getting into when he took the job?????? And really printer toner?????? GMAB I mean that given as an example is almost as tacky as them not having it for a day to begin with.......After 2 firings has he ever considered that he may be the problem???????

938 days ago


to all those out there who have an open mind,Chris Wallace on Foxnews is,by far,the best political interviewer out there.Dem,Republican...doesn't matter.Watch Foxnews sunday for his show.It's always the best political hr of the week.To you ultra libs out there who wouldn't watch FNC if they paid you,watch Wallace on sundays ask tough questions to both sides.

938 days ago


Hey, we've run out of printer ink at work, too - it's not a big deal. Send someone out for some until the new order comes in. But apparently that's too big an inconvenience for Mr. Pompous.

938 days ago

Lauren Vines    

Keith you are great please come back on TV ASAP we need you and your fantastic presentation and view points! Make us aware of what station you will be on

938 days ago


Best thing that could ever happen. One less hater on TV. Hopefully no one else will hire him.

938 days ago


He was paid 10 million dollars a year. Keith is the Toner police. Black listed for life.

938 days ago


Hey Keith, why not blame it on the Tea Party?

938 days ago


Why is Keith Obermann a foul, potty mouthed,
always angry, dumps horrible dirty names on

938 days ago


Why is Keith Obermann so nasty and foul, potty
mouthed on televison???????????????????

938 days ago
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