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Lauren Scruggs

Nothing Makes Me Smile

Like a Settlement Check

3/31/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs scored BIG
Lauren Scruggs scored BIG in her mystery settlement over her airplane propeller accident ... at least judging by the look on her face hours after the deal was announced.

Scruggs was photographed out near her home in Texas yesterday ... sporting a big ol' smile on her face ... the kind of smile that says I just got a MASSIVE check.

As we previously reported, Scruggs finally reached a settlement with the airplane insurance company for the gruesome injuries she sustained when she was struck by a propeller back on December 3.

The terms of the settlement have not been revealed ... but there are reports that the numbers got into the millions.


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You guys can be such heartless A-HOLES. No amount of money is going to 'reconfigure' her. I wouldn't accept $5,000,000 for my hand or arm. Speculating that her smile says 'I got a massive check' is rude and insensitive. Can't wait for Web 3.0...not.

944 days ago


I find it QUITE odd that we've NEVER heard exactly WHY she walked into a LOUD/MOVING propellar?!?!? Perhaps she doesn't want anyone to know, and that's why this was settled, rather than go to trial. I think she did NOT want the public to hear any of the details of her OWN neglience, i.e., perhaps she was ON THE PHONE listening to someone else, rather than the pilot when he KEPT instructing her to go the OPPOSITE direction, and she chose to ignore him. Hmmmm......something's VERY fishy about the whole thing. Well, I hope losing an eye and a hand taught her a very VALUABLE lesson: LISTEN when someone's telling u to NOT walk in the direction of a moving propellor.

OH, and btw, you aren't model material, before or after ur accident. Perhaps that's why NO ONE had heard of you as a model, dear. Well, looks like those modeling days are O V E R, bimbo. Go buy a new hand w/ur blood money, dumba$$.

944 days ago


Smile like a settlement check?

The one who greenlit this headline should be fired.

944 days ago


This woman is not a "celebrity" in any sense of the word so I find it really troubling that the paparazzi would stalk her house just to invade her privacy for no legitimate reason.

944 days ago


Quite the cynical article, considering this young woman has lost her hand and an eye. I'm amazed that she is going with the flow and able to still smile. Whatever the insurance settlement is, it will never replace her hand or eye.

944 days ago

Good riddance!    

Never heard of her before this accident she had, but considering what happened, she looks great and seems to be handling it very, very well. Good to see her smile and I seriously doubt it's because of some lawsuit.

944 days ago

two cents    

It's a messed up world when some dumb blonde walks INTO a propeller yet the plane is the one that is blamed, not the dingbat that didn't have any common sense. She didn't deserve squat. No wonder our economy is in the crapper.

944 days ago


Her mom blogged back then that Lauren had brain damage and it seemed half her face was sliced off, obviously not true, wonder why the mom was saying this stuff? Losing a hand happens to many people, especially military and constructions workers, etc., wonder when she's getting the fake one? Actor Peter Falk had a glass eye, Sammy davis jr. had a glass eye, you couldn't even tell, they seemed to do great with only one. This girl is lucky. Her stupidity could have killed her, guess now she gets some money for it?

944 days ago


The lawyers should have read the public comments. Most were rightly against her since it was due to her own stupidity. They could have won in court.

944 days ago


I am sure if she could have her life back as it was instead of a monetary settlement she would prefer that. Don't be so cynical people. No one would walk into an airplane propeller on purpose for a cash payout! It isn't as if she were destitute to start with.

944 days ago


This girl does not deserve millions of dollars. I would be so pissed if I was one of the people who have her money for her hospital bills.

944 days ago


Nice $2,500 Chanel purse she is carrying. I wonder if she bought that with the donations nice people gave her to help with her medical bills?

944 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

TMZ thinks that it's bad that a person received money for the loss of an eye and a hand, or is it that TMZ is so used to low self esteemed celebs they think it's humorous a person like Scruggs could be moving on with her life after a horrific, disfiguring accident and actually smile? No matter what it is this story only proves that the folks at TMZ are just a bunch of douche bags.

944 days ago

Team Lauren    

Let me start by saying anyone who has a problem with lauren getting a settlement for her injuries is a jealous loser.Her medical bills are most likely from 250,000-1,000,000.After her lawyer takes a third of her settlement and pays off her medical bills she will be lucky to get 300,000.Her lawyer will then convince her to take a structured settlement which will reinvest it over the next 30 years to maximize her amount and that will pay her only a thousand dollars a month or so if shes lucky and she will get some lump sums of money every five years.She will not be rich over this She will apply for SSD because she cant work.She lost her eye and hand if you think she will be able to get a job like that in this economy you are mistaken.I was Burned over half of my body in a horrible accident where the insurance policys hardly covered my medical bills.I had to accept a structured settlement instead of a lump sum to recover a decent amount of money by letting it be reinvested in a structure settlement plan. I sued and in the end I was lucky to get a thousand a month and have to live on disability SSD to get by monthly I make about 29,000 a year I live off of 1,980 a month and I get 5,000 every may.As I get older every 5 years I get more money in small lump sums trust me it sucks and I would rather not of been in my accident!Everyone I had to sue treated me like crap even though what THEY did caused me to be in the accident.I was painted as money hungry just because I wanted to pay off my 250,000 dollar medical bills.Even though people say it was Laurens fault for walking into a spining propeller. I think that is just the tipical response you hear from people who are jealous that someone who was horribly disfigured also gets to sue for money.She will not be rich from this people she will be lucky to just get by.

944 days ago


Maybe that explains the new model Lexus and Chanel bag. I wouldn't be surprised if people start to "accidently" walk into propellers on purpose for the money afterwards. Not that I'm saying Lauren purposely walked into it.

944 days ago
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