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Now On Welfare

3/31/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-nadya-suleman-Welfaretmz-exOctomom is doing what she swore she would never do -- go on welfare ... TMZ has learned.

The mother of 14 is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California. The money is deposited directly into a special debit card account (see above). The card can ONLY be used for food -- and it's closely monitored by the State to make sure the cardholder isn't making illegal purchases -- i.e., buying a bike at Costco.

It's a cruel twist, for a woman who vowed in 2010 -- a year after giving birth to octuplets -- she would NEVER go on welfare, saying she refused to become "a self-fulfilling prophecy" by accepting government assistance.

Octo qualified for the card because her income is less than $119,000 a year ... and a family of 15 that makes less than that amount is entitled to welfare benefits

In case you're wondering, the $119,000 figure is based on an average of just under $8,000 for each member of the household. The more kids, the more you can make and still receive welfare.

We’re told the cash-strapped mom has taken her children out of private school, except for her one son who has autism, saving her $4,000 a month. And as we first reported, she's even posing topless to make ends meet. But it just wasn't enough.

It's a sad story, but one we saw coming from a mile away.


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ilove her she needs a show

879 days ago

Debbie In West Australia    

If she had given birth in Australia, as an Australian citizen, she would have been given $5000 per baby. As a stay at home mum, with hubby working and earning $100K+ a year, I still get about $2k a year in benefits...even though I told the governement I don't want them. I only have one child left that is not employed, but because the other two are still at home, they are classed an dependents, even though they work full-time.

879 days ago


Who'd have ever thought that??!!! I myself am amazed! (NOT)

879 days ago


Why do some people keep insisting that EBT in California is not welfare? It is taxpayer money used to fund a free food program for the poor. That is welfare, any way you look at it.

879 days ago

Mixed Chick    

What a shock, she sued the state and collected disability to pay for the IVF, claimed a back injury but then had IVF to have this litter and tell me pregnancy is not hard on your back-lol, she is a nut job we will all be paying for until she exits this planet, the MD that ignored all of the protocols for IVF should be sued to pay for this mess. And he did this twice with multiple embryos in a fairly young woman result? litter, and any competent MD would have known this, she would be likely to have multiples at her age. She banked on someone caring about her trash life and getting a reality show welcome to the real world Nadya...sad we have to pay for your ride and btw plenty of kids with Autism are in public school. Reminder it is a uterus and a vagina not a clown car.

879 days ago


There should be no welfare system. Get up off your lazy fat ass and get a job. Too many people have figured out how to work the system to their benefit. I like how it is mentioned that the State monitors use of the card, yet how many times have I heard that the card has been used to buy drugs, non-essential items and in casinos for gambling. Boohoo, she had to take all but one of her children out of private school. Her latest is some semi-nude photos. Why doesn't she head to Nevada and work out of one of the brothels. I don't think Vivid would want her now for a porno. The shoot would cost more than what the sales would generate.

879 days ago


All of you morons, kids don't ask to be born. What do you want her to do, strave her kids? She tried to do it on her own, give the poor lady a break.

879 days ago


Leave her alone i bet half of the people that are commenting negatively couldn't stand a day in her shoes. Take a look at your self before you judge. God blessed her with 8 beautiful babies.If he didn't want her to have them he would have taken them away.

879 days ago


Atrocious! This should of never gotten to this point. No one should add this many mouths to feed when on welfare already with children. She is mentally challenged. By doing "this" she is expecting monies from publicity etc. Doing this for attention. Yes, take the kids away from her and prevent her from not having any more. Anybody with children on welfare should not be allowed to have more choldren so they can supplement their checks. They should either lose the checks or lose the pregnancy.

879 days ago


Well, exactly what was she thinking when she CHOSE to have 15 children? Why should tax payers have to clean up her mess. Maybe she should have saved some of the money she spent on plastic surgery & manicures for herself.

879 days ago


I say this woman should put her kids in daycare and go around cleaning our houses (for free) for feeding, clothing, insurance, and sending her kids to school.
I say, she should say she is under Obama Care and send all her bills to him.

878 days ago


How bad off is she really? Look at her photos. The one of her close up and apparently naked clearly shows unkempt bushy eyebrows. Yet on the top of this website it shows that she had her brows done and looks like possible other facial work. I don't pay taxes for that fame whore to get plastic surgery.

878 days ago


What can you expect? She is an average homely looking woman.

878 days ago


She did do several things to earn her own money. Let's see how many of you could make it without assistance with 14 kids.

878 days ago


This is news?? She has been on welfare, you fools!! This is my own opinion, but I think she has been on welfare since day one. She's probably been getting Medi-Cal also. I think there should be an investigation as to what she is getting thru Harmony Enterprises, her corporation. You know the witch is stashing money, probably thru her parents and her atty. How does she afford her atty, her agent, her surgeries...her tickets. What was she doing in Beverly Hills when she got her last ticket?? She's probably going for HUD housing and claiming stalkers to get into a gated community on us, the taxpayers expense. What next ...body guards????

878 days ago
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