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Casey Anthony Prosecutor

Solicits Campaign Donations

from Casey's Defense Lawyer!

4/1/2012 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Ashton, the guy who unsuccessfully prosecuted Casey Anthony for murder and is now running for Orange-Osceola State Attorney, recently sent a mass email to solicit donations ... and one of the recipients was Casey's lead attorney, Jose Baez.

The email, obtained by TMZ, cites Ashton's 30 years of experience ... but makes no mention of the Anthony trial.

Despite getting beat by Baez in court, Ashton trashed him in the press after the verdict -- calling him a liar, "smarmy" and a "consummate salesman." 

Sources close to Baez tell TMZ he obviously will NOT be donating to Ashton's campaign.

He who laughs last ...


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Hey, here's a thought...perhaps Casey will donate money to Ashton's know, spend some of that TMZ money she received for staged photos after her release from jail...

845 days ago


Snarky much? Ashton DID win that case but had OJ clones for a jury! Anyone with an IQ above a gnat's knew she was guilty except those morons. Baez is a HORRIBLE attorney. He did everything they tell in law school NOT to do. Every lawyer was shocked by his performance but he did get the last laugh due to the idiots on that jury, not skill. Jury consultant won that case just as the jury c did in OJ's. But OJ's team got theirs in the end. Karma is a beyotch and let's hope this team that made their deal with the devil meets similar fates.

845 days ago


It is not Ashton's fault that the jury was of very low intelligence and out of touch with reality. He presented an excellent case for the prosecution and all the evidence was there.

845 days ago

too much    

I am disapointed in you TMZ for this trashy article. I agree with some of the comments below... Jeff Ashton did a great job but unfortunately it was too complicated for the 12 pea brains.

845 days ago


I doubt Mr. Ashton expects any donations from the defense team. Nor does he need them.

845 days ago

weird al yankovich    

This clearly shows jose's desperate act to make jeff look like an ass by forwarding this info to tmz. Luckily for Jeff not all people are dumb as f--k and can see through his petiness . Dear Jose will always be s*** to the smart people that see through you clear as day.


845 days ago


Casey the baby killer is the one who's laughing, TMZ. You guys crack me up, Baez is fading into oblivion because he's a crappy lawyer with zero clients but you all 'like' him because he calls you w/fake babykillah info & pics? lmao!

845 days ago


Get your shots first oh wait herpes is incurable

845 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Jose Baez and Cheney Mason ate Ashton's lunch at trial. Ashton got too ****y in the courtroom and it cost him the case. Jackass

845 days ago

Keyser Söze    

This is a weird story - as if lawyers are suppose to have any shame...

They're lawyers - they're too soulless to be shameful.

844 days ago


Ashton knows damn well that case destroyed Jose financially.

844 days ago


Jeff Ashton will get the last laugh. He is running for State Attorney and what is Biaz doing. Nothing. Also So many people have more respect for Ashton then they ever will with Biaz, People want to hear wah Ashton has to say Not so much for Biaz. Go Jeff.

844 days ago

jack ruby    

casey is INNOCENT until PROVEN GULITY FU*K JEFF ASSTON get over it casey is probably having the time of her life laughing at you haters

844 days ago


Boy Bozo must be really desparate selling stupid stories like this to TMZ. I hope Ashton sent that email to Bozo on purpose. How funny is that! And Bozo is such a Bozo that he thinks this is big news that will get his fat mug in the news. Bozo will always be the Bozo.

844 days ago

Joan K    

Bozo is an idiot and so was the jury, they fell for all of the lies this dumb azz told during this trial and the killer got away with murder but she is still in hiding, poor baby. I only wish she would come out and show her face just to see what would happen but she is going to have to stay in hiding for the rest of her crappy life and she deserves it. For the creep who would like to spend time with this loser I bet she would like it too, that is the way she rolls.

844 days ago
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