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Kris Humphries

Has a Date

with a 16-Year-Old Girl!!!

4/1/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being with Kris Humprhies may not be Kim Kardashian's wish anymore, but it is for a 16-year-old cancer patient in upstate NY ... and the NBA star is making it come true, TMZ has learned.

Friends of Kaely Kwitek started a Twitter account called @Kris4Kaely in an effort to get the attention of Kaely's favorite basketball player. Kwitek has stage 4 anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and her friends were hoping to wrangle Kris for a benefit for Kaely in May.

Their persistence paid off and Kris noticed. After trading a few emails, Kris and Kaely decided on April 23 for her to come down and catch a Nets game as Kris' guest. He'll handle all expenses for Kaely and her family and even meet up with her after the game.

Kris tells TMZ, "I'm truly honored that someone with much larger things on their plate feels that my involvement in their cause is important. Not many of us can be as strong as she has been. I hope that many more will join me and support Team Kaely."

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Big Momma    

SHAME ON YOU TMZ, for putting such a disgusting headline one what is a nice story. you are getting more and more like star/national enquirer every day, although i doubt you would ever be considered for award. media is getting very disgusting with all of their dirty tricks for headlines.

901 days ago


Very Low blow TMZ. He is doing something for a dying girl and you put a headline like that. How far up Kims Butt are you. I know their is alot of room but still.

901 days ago


People have been so tough on this young man. I have always liked him and thought he was different. From what I have read in the past, as well as this story, proves that he does a lot for his charities and for the community. I wish him nothing but the best and hope the media leaves him alone. I agree with the majority that this headline really sucks.

901 days ago

Shut up PolarBear    

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, using a sixteen-year-old cancer patient for shock value, as soon as I read the headline I knew that's what you were doing, you guys have REALLY crossed the line, and I hope karma bites you in the behind!

901 days ago


TMZ you are truly a bunch of s***bags for using that as a headline. To a whole nother level.

901 days ago


Way to go Kris good things will happen for you hopefully you will meet someone special who will appreciate you for who you are and have all of those kids for you and move to your little cubie hole in minnnesota.

901 days ago

arale norimaki    

and Kim KRAPdashian had pee and Gokkun on her body.

keep up the good work kris

Why is Kim KRAPdashian famous?

901 days ago


K- trash cant stand Kris being in t he spot light but he was wellknown befor her. she well do a cop y catt number now and go look for someone to help but them well end up screwing up thier lives. Everythign KKK touchs turns to
sears sucks!!

901 days ago


MZ you can make a better head line than this.
It is sweet what kris is doing and gunuine.
Not faked. like his ho-- bag wife.
who embarssed dress for scucess by having them pay for her perufme launch then haveing her speak and her not knowing what the charity actualy did.
KIms perfume is on sale at big lost for 5 buxks for set of two bottels so whi is she making more perfume when noone is buyhing her other piss smelling perfume.
Just so her and her mom can do photo shots and walk the red carpet.
One thing kim should learn from dress for scuess event is that no matter what clothes you puton your boady if your not a good person you still look like crap.

901 days ago


Simply stated: Thank you Kris for your interest in this young lady who is battling a much larger battle than many of the "haters" will ever know.

901 days ago

Mike Skifstrom    

That’s Minnesota nice for you, best thing for you Kris was to get as far away from Kim and that family as you could. Reality show, please anyone who thinks that show isn’t scripted has been puffing the magic dragon way to long.

901 days ago


KRis who?? He is just doiong this for publicy, he asts like a BIG NANGY and say's hurtful things. Move on....Please your 15 minutes of being in the lime light is over, and you know have you ever heard about the GOLDEN RULES..Stop saying MEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMMMEMEMEEMEMEME You werent man enough your a boy whore..no better,,,get a clue

901 days ago


Just plain ignorant. He's trying to do something nice and you had to put a perverted spin on it.

901 days ago


Every man wants to dip into that sweet young stuff.

901 days ago


TMZ...stop being @$$holes...Your headline is a turn off....Now it's clear that the Trashains owns you. PFFT!!!

Team Kris H.

901 days ago
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