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I Didn't Want to Go on Welfare ...


4/1/2012 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0401_octomom_videoOctomom tried her best to avoid going on welfare, but she says "becoming totally destitute" forced her hand ... temporarily. 

As TMZ first reported, Nadya is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California, which can only be used on food. 

We spoke to her at her home today, where the mother of 14 said she's hoping she only needs the assistance for a month or two at the most.

Octo has been receiving death threats since the news of her welfare broke, but she feels people should be directing their anger towards those who are abusing the system and not at her. 

Plus if she doesn't get some help, we might see more pics like these. Lesser of two evils ...


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Umm ok...    

Poor thing somehow found enough cash to buy herself a tummy tuck, a boob job, a nose job, lip injections and manicures...but when it comes feeding her own children, she can't quite figure out how to get it done. Amazing how some people have money to buy plastic surgery, designer handbags, drugs, cigarettes & alcohol...but are offended that society would expect them to buy necessities for their children. Cut them off!!!

898 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

she is a total abuser of the system with her disability scam,and spending student loans on IVOF. And she lied she has been getting all kinds of help from Dr. Drew and charities the past three years to say she has been doing it with no help just shows how dilusionol she is. She is no better than a teenage girl that gets pregnant after watching "Teen Mom", but she is an adult and did not just have one kid like a teen mom wannabe she had 14 and single handed dealt a huge blow to the suffering economy and put the children at risk. And she has been giving much less a jackpot of wealth she thought would continue to showered upon her forever so she spent it on her own selfish stuff.

898 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I think it's absolutely bizarre that people feel sorry for Nadya in a post and then show complete disdain for some hypothetical person who uses food stamps.

Oh, poor Octo lady pays out thousands to get knocked up with 8 babies when she already has a bunch she can't afford. I guess she's just a nicer person than our imaginary Welfare Queen.

898 days ago


Where is HER FAMILY??? WHY should I have to pay ANYTHING in taxes for this worthless baby factory??? Where is the father of this litter??

898 days ago


I would have alot more respect for her if she also worked someplace. Even if its Mcdonalds part time.. At least she is working

898 days ago


I would not care if she takes Welfare but also works. Even if its 20 hours a week at Mcdonalds at least she is working. The kids go to school so she can work then.

898 days ago

Jay W.     

You didn't want to go on welfare ? You didn't have to have 14 kids !

898 days ago

El Gato    

Death threats? Seriously? Where is Spike Lee when you need to look up an address? Remember though, it was the good Doctor who knocked her up the last 8 times.

And really people, you act like 24k a year with 14 kids is living high off the government hog. I guess it is a lot when you consider that the states last republican Governator drove the economy off the cliff and into Marianas Trench. That ain't all he was drivin into trenches either as I recall... (Relevant because he himself added to the unwed mother issue.) Good point on the free healthcare though that comes with the food assistance though, also a great argument for the Affordable Care Act.

The reality is that it doesn't matter who the kids belong to, they need to be taken care of, it is not their fault their mom is as fertile as the Garden of Eden. If some dude had knocked up a woman this many times naturally (which happens every day, just with different baby mamas) would everyone be as upset with the woman or the man? People are quite amusing in their rushes to judgement, government assistance is not the problem here people.

898 days ago


Ginger, she talked the DR into implanting 12 embryos, not 8. She promised to reduce because she could not carry them all and 8 took. She was going for the largest litter possible to break a record and make money. There is a man with 25 children with all different baby mammas that are on welfare and he was sent to jail. Why not feel bad for those kids too? There aren't any laws that prevent terrible people from reproducing and abusing the system, sadly, it is what it is. The alternative is starving kids and these crazy parents know the public can't stomach that so they take advantage of it.

898 days ago


I applaud Octomom for having lots of love in life and Im delighted she is collecting welfare which she is entitled too, not everyone is going to find a job that pays .. so if its crap pay or work has slowed way down to a grinding halt due to a bad economy then everyone has the right to food stamps

898 days ago

Nikki Burgess    

Why is it such a bad thing that she is on welfare. I would like to see the people who are complaining try to feed 14 kids and still keep their sanity. You are protesting a woman who has tried her best and is on the verge of failing. Why dont you protest the illegal getting more help then the citizens here or real people who are frauding our gov. I bet half the people who are complaining are recieving assistance... dont worry your food stamps wont be effected because she is on assistance too. The the woman alone and focus on your own pathetic lives.

898 days ago


Those kids should be taken away. What a moron to think it was ok to have this many kids she had too many before the octuplets. There is no way she can give all these kids the attention they need. She will never be able to make enough money to support them ever!! I really am glad that the majority of the stupid people live in California. I can see why they are all broke.

898 days ago


octo-a**hole says its "NONYA BUSINESS"! and she's been "WORKIN' HER BUTT OFF" for 3 years so you all just leave her aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone!!!!!!!! She's a hard workin' lady who just had the wrong cards dealt to her, she didn't chose this life! It chose her! A victim of cir***stance! It's hard walkin through life with 2 brain cells! Especially when one is a retard, the other is in a wheelchair, and they're always fighting.

898 days ago


how about not having 8 kids, you idiot. Did you think about that before wanting to get pregnant. When yoga already had kids. Crap and she graduated from Cal State Fullerton.

898 days ago


It's a good thing Octomom is collecting Welfare because, the last thing I want to see is Octomom in a porn video.

898 days ago
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