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I Didn't Want to Go on Welfare ...


4/1/2012 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0401_octomom_videoOctomom tried her best to avoid going on welfare, but she says "becoming totally destitute" forced her hand ... temporarily. 

As TMZ first reported, Nadya is getting $2,000 a month from the State of California, which can only be used on food. 

We spoke to her at her home today, where the mother of 14 said she's hoping she only needs the assistance for a month or two at the most.

Octo has been receiving death threats since the news of her welfare broke, but she feels people should be directing their anger towards those who are abusing the system and not at her. 

Plus if she doesn't get some help, we might see more pics like these. Lesser of two evils ...


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God Bless you and your kids Nadya. You do what is in the best interest of your kids, not what is in the best interest of ignorant people always bringing up the fact that you had kids with no means of support as an excuse why your kids should go hungry and starve to death.

Food Stamps are used temporarily for children whose parents are destitute or are low income making. It's to provide study nutrition, food to help kids stay strong and healthy and not go hungry because their parents became unemployed or not making enough income to by enough food. People need to back off, this is a program giving by American gov't to temporarily help provide family in needs. Nadya children is much entitled to this program as anybody else and she is not breaking any laws or abusing the system as she is unemployed and doesn't have enough study income coming in to feed her family. So haters back off and suck it up and let this woman and her children be, especially since it's not a darn thing you can do to change what happened in the past or to stop her kids from eating.

901 days ago


How dare you say "Go after the ones abusing the system" when you had like 20 kids! Unbelievable. Do you not see the lack of logic in your statement! Booo on Octomom. Boo!

901 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Octomom is the kind of mother and lazy piece of trash that Obama loves and wants to bail them out whenever possible while hard working Americans are left with the tab.

901 days ago


its her own fault, she used all the money that people DONATED on herself to be a star and now we're supposed to feel sorry, too bad. if she doesnt like what people are saying then stay out of the public eye.. plus can tmz please stop showing her face, nasty, her mouth looks like her vagina...

901 days ago


Parental competency should be questioned. She clearly is lacking reasoning and logic skills necessary to be a parent of one child, without any other obligations. She's way over her head!

901 days ago


I'm not on welfare, I am on food stamps.... Classic. Unbelievable. I'm not abusing the system, it is all the rest of those people with there 2 and 3 kids getting food assistance not me and my $2000 a month and 14 kids. I have a plan to raise 14 kids I had without a father through in Vito fertilization by myself with no real job not like those people with 2 or 3 kids with their baby daddies who they track down for child support. My sympathy for this woman just dropped lower. I don't see how that happened.

901 days ago


WHOA! You said you dont want people interfering with your business....well it comes peoples business when there tax money pays for your 14 kids that you had injected in you...sad.....

901 days ago


Sad...sad! While the rest of US work our ASS off to raise one have to relay on welfare to raise all your kids!!! Why do I have to pay for your mistakes!

901 days ago


Wow, Rita, how small minded of you to insist if she were blonde/blue-eyed people would not be on her case. It's not her HAIR color people don't like; it's her ACTIONS and IRRESPONSIBILITY. I guarantee you if she looked like a supermodel (blonde or brunette), people would still have a problem with her.

901 days ago


My brother said a long time ago, "The stupid procreate at a faster pace than the non-stupid." Pretty soon we will be overcome by stupid." Or something like that. He chose finer vernacular...

901 days ago


Don't blame this mom!!!! She is doing what she has to do to take care of her kids. Death threats? REALLY????? Where is the compassion??? This situation is not the kids fault. If this mother needs help to feed her kids, I gladly help. It's the christian thing to do. Most of you people should be ashamed of yourself!

901 days ago


Purposely having all those children was a huge error in judgement. BUT... they're here and everyone should wish them the best. I think it's total trash to drag the fact that she's accepting public aid through the media. Having to do so can be a humiliating experience, but sometimes a person has no other choices. At least she's not always out partying it up like so many of the misfits this site caters to. I say wish her the best and hope that some how she can survive and raise healthy children.

901 days ago


"Go after the ones abusing the system"

That is a fair statement, there are hundreds of billions of people living off the systems abusing and taking full advantage of it and not feeding and supporting their kids needs with these benefits like they are suppose to. There are crackheads and others who take these stamps to most local neighborhood corner stores selling/trading them-- for example: $45.00 in cash for $50. in stamps. Then there are those who take their stamps to the supermarkets, walking the aisle/standing up front in lines asking customers are they buying their food with stamps or cash? If they say cash they sell their stamps to that customer letting them buy food with it and then whatever the food comes up to-- say $100.00 that customer would give the seller $75.00 or so, I witness this happening often! I pulled up to a gas station and there are kids wanting to pump gas to eat because they are hungry and you have to wonder if these kids parents get welfare or whatever program for these kids that the kids are not receiving? It's really sad! Young parents walking around in name brand clothes and their kids look like raggamuffins. That is what Nadya is talking about when she say people who abuse the system.

901 days ago


People should direct their anger to people who are abusing the system?? That would be you, "Gimme mom." She's spent her life being a scammer.

901 days ago


feel very bad for the babies, but can't help from smiling thinking how she ruinned her life by being a dumb selfish bitch.

too bad the kids have to suffer, hopefully they'll all have a great future once the leave her, and she's still living in squalor

901 days ago
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