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The Situation

MTV Warned Him for YEARS --

Stop Being a Drunk Mess!!!

4/2/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV had threatened to replace The Situation
MTV had threatened to replace The Situation on "Jersey Shore" many times over the past two years due to his excessive drinking -- sources connected with the production tell TMZ.

According to sources, producers from MTV and 495 Productions sat Situation down for the first time while shooting Season 2 in 2010 -- explaining his drinking had become such a problem ... it was making it hard to shoot the show.

We're told Sitch promised to pull himself together -- but it quickly unraveled during Season 3, and producers had to speak with him again ... this time threatening to replace him on the show if he didn't clean up his act.

Sitch agreed again -- and made a concerted effort to reel in his bad habits between Seasons 3 and 4. We're told Situation showed promise in Italy during Season 4, but once the crew got back to the States ... he was back to his old ways. This prompted another sit-down ... and another threat of recasting.

Now, MTV's got the opposite problem -- Situation's in rehab and sobering up completely. As a result, sources tell us 495 Productions is looking for new castmates to add to the show ... in the hopes of phasing Sitch out entirely.

We reached out to MTV for comment ... which insists, "There are no plans to replace the cast of 'Jersey Shore.'"



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He should sue MTV they produce a show about being drunk and they want to replace him for being a drunk now they want to replace him for being sober. No wonder MTV is screwing up our youth

935 days ago


So it's OK that Snookie gets sloppy drunk every episode, but it's not ok for him to do the same thing?

935 days ago


Looks like the love child of Barney Fife and Gomer Pyle. Sorry, but those abs do not make up for that face.

935 days ago


Mtv showed promise back in the 90's...promoting a better world and educating about safe we have Snooki, rich daddies, massive capitalistic cribs, 16-year old mothers and 'the (not so) real world'...need i say more..

935 days ago


D list celebrity drops down to F list.

935 days ago

The Real JJ    

His drinking is part of the whole show. They full of ****.

935 days ago


He wasn't nearly as drunk on the show as Deena and Snooki.

935 days ago


Yeah, right. Isn't getting drunk and fighting what that dumbass show about?

935 days ago

BB not bb    

Noooo. You can't get rid of Sitch. He is the grandfather/patriarch of the "family". They need him to hold them all together and to liven things up. Pauly D alone is boring, his new show is "boring to death". I had like one teeny laugh or spark of interesting drama out of the whole first episode. But when he is with Sitch, Sitch brings out the best in him and others.

I think this should be about the Jersey Shore and not who can party the longest. That will make the show trashy and boring and nothing else. Sitch drinks because he feels left out by the other castmates, which is true. If he can learn to cope with them sober, that will be very interesting to me. That will also be a good lesson for people who may also have drinking problems.

His show alone is boring also. It is the mix of people that make Jersey Shore the fun time that it is. Him alone in his drama soap opera is too much fantasy. He needs people like Pauly D to bring him back down to earth. I would even like to see Angelina back to annoy them if she would come back.

This show is popular do to the family concept. If you keep switching out the members of the family, that concept loses all relevancy. Normal people don't live their lifestyle even at the shore, because you have to be sober to hold a real job. You can't really support yourself at a job in a tee shirt shop and be abel to afford to party in a bar every night and rent a big house right on the beach.

I would like to see what sober Mike can accomplish and also even Mama Snooks. They are the too key ingredients that keep the show from being about boring self centered people who want to be famous.

935 days ago


I think douche having a drinking problem is probably the most interesting thing about him.

935 days ago


I find this hard to believe! During the show he never seemed really drunk, non of the guys didn't except Ron and the girls. All the other guys seemed to act pretty normal after a night out. Except last season toward the last episode when Mike's peter was hanging out of his pants.

935 days ago


I think they should leave him alone. It wouldn't be the same or as good without the origional members all there.....Some of them you luv to hate , but they still need to be there, even him.

935 days ago


This sure doesn't say much for MTV. They apparently threatened but did nothing.

935 days ago


Guess them making money was more important than following through and replacing him - kinda like when parents tell kids not to do something or else - and or else never comes.

935 days ago


It seems as If MTV encourages drunken behavior, films it to feed to the masses and then , conveniently when a cast member falls completely off the rails, tries to act as if they are a voice of reason. Stop it! This is the same network that followed Ruthie on Real World Hawaii driving drunk and only blacked out Snooki's punch in the face after the world complained. That's just a few examples but MTV can stop trying to act like the good guys who really care about their "talent".

935 days ago
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