TMZ Live Octomom -- I Have Dreams ... of Getting Off Welfare

4/2/2012 12:05 PM PDT

Octomom is firing back at critics who think she's ripping off the welfare system. Octo called in today to explain why she's using food stamps now -- and as for how/when she's getting off the dole? You gotta hear her "I have dreams" speech. Apologies to MLK.

Also, MTV says it warned Situation about his booze issues -- but now that he's in rehab ... is this whole mess headed for a lawsuit? Plus, Chevy Chase's nasty voicemail sparks a civil war on the set of "Community." We've got scoopage straight from the crew.

(1:01) We have inside info about the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin morning show war you won't hear anywhere else.
(4:30) The "Idol" house's dirty past.
(8:01) Casey Anthony's attorney calls in and cracks serious jokes about the guy who tried to convict Casey.
(10:31) Octomom is on the horn to talk about using food stamps -- and gets in a war of words with Evan.
(17:45) Chevy Chase is the new Charlie Sheen -- attacking his boss at "Community" with a nasty voice mail.
(22:31) Oprah Winfrey admits she made a mistake by starting OWN.
(24:40) Proof Ashton and Demi are done.
(38:01) The Sitch is on the chopping block ... finally.
(44:05) Keith Olbermann and Al Gore are at each others throats ... it could get even nastier.