TMZ Live Octomom -- I Have Dreams ... of Getting Off Welfare

4/2/2012 12:05 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Octomom -- I Have Dreams ... of Getting Off Welfare

Octomom is firing back at critics who think she's ripping off the welfare system. Octo called in today to explain why she's using food stamps now -- and as for how/when she's getting off the dole? You gotta hear her "I have dreams" speech. Apologies to MLK.

Also, MTV says it warned Situation about his booze issues -- but now that he's in rehab ... is this whole mess headed for a lawsuit? Plus, Chevy Chase's nasty voicemail sparks a civil war on the set of "Community." We've got scoopage straight from the crew.

(1:01) We have inside info about the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin morning show war you won't hear anywhere else.
(4:30) The "Idol" house's dirty past.
(8:01) Casey Anthony's attorney calls in and cracks serious jokes about the guy who tried to convict Casey.
(10:31) Octomom is on the horn to talk about using food stamps -- and gets in a war of words with Evan.
(17:45) Chevy Chase is the new Charlie Sheen -- attacking his boss at "Community" with a nasty voice mail.
(22:31) Oprah Winfrey admits she made a mistake by starting OWN.
(24:40) Proof Ashton and Demi are done.
(38:01) The Sitch is on the chopping block ... finally.
(44:05) Keith Olbermann and Al Gore are at each others throats ... it could get even nastier.