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Octomom -- I Have Dreams ...

of Getting Off Welfare

4/2/2012 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Octomom is firing back at critics who think she's ripping off the welfare system. Octo called in today to explain why she's using food stamps now -- and as for how/when she's getting off the dole? You gotta hear her "I have dreams" speech. Apologies to MLK.

Also, MTV says it warned Situation about his booze issues -- but now that he's in rehab ... is this whole mess headed for a lawsuit? Plus, Chevy Chase's nasty voicemail sparks a civil war on the set of "Community." We've got scoopage straight from the crew.

(1:01) We have inside info about the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin morning show war you won't hear anywhere else.
(4:30) The "Idol" house's dirty past.
(8:01) Casey Anthony's attorney calls in and cracks serious jokes about the guy who tried to convict Casey.
(10:31) Octomom is on the horn to talk about using food stamps -- and gets in a war of words with Evan.
(17:45) Chevy Chase is the new Charlie Sheen -- attacking his boss at "Community" with a nasty voice mail.
(22:31) Oprah Winfrey admits she made a mistake by starting OWN.
(24:40) Proof Ashton and Demi are done.
(38:01) The Sitch is on the chopping block ... finally.
(44:05) Keith Olbermann and Al Gore are at each others throats ... it could get even nastier.


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Beth Martin    

Robin you are already missed greatly. I didn't watch the Today show many years ago because of Katie, and I am not liking GMA already and it is the first day. Ae 55 if that matters to anyone. Robin is personable and honest, not a phony person.

831 days ago


So Evan, can you date the pictures at the MAC store? I'd like to see a quick story on that one. There's a "lie of the week" contest going on, and this would be a good one. Thanks.

831 days ago


Evan, thank you for calling Octo out on her Bullsh*t!

830 days ago


Finally someone called Octo-ramble on her B.S. She doesn't like being caught in a lie! She sure sounded a lil wasted or was that just her self-righteous attitude? She really, really wants to be the victim...go away Beotch, we don't like you!

830 days ago


Just want the doctor ordered, another way to get back into her 15 minutes of fame. I'm sure she will get more money out of this again, good ol octomom. When 6 kids weren't enough!

830 days ago


I have dreams of not being a single, disbled mother but i just cant change that. How about you save your money more wisely, octopus and learn to take care of someone other than yourself? You can do it if you tried. I dont go out and get boob jobs, tummy tucks, make up, expensive cars, or all that other NON IMPORTANT crap with government funds. I actually spend my money on things that me and my son need.....with an occasionl splurge of maybe 25 bucks a week on myself...whoopy!

830 days ago


She's done nothing BUT shove her face in the public from day one. Don't want people in your business? Stop calling the tabloids and trying to be a stah.

830 days ago


She's done nothing BUT shove her face in the public from day one. Don't want people in your business? Stop calling the tabloids and trying to be a stah.

830 days ago


Just an FYI, Octomom just spent $900 to send Elijah on a field trip with his class from the private school just last week (after you posted the food stamp card). Pics are available on the Whittier Christian School website.

830 days ago


BTW, Evan... I LOVE YOU!!!

830 days ago

Cathy Jones    

to me Sarah Palin doesn't count, I feel sorry for her viewers! Next to having Robin who is great, Katies a good person to temp. in Robins vacation time. Sarah needs to go back to Alaska and stay there.

830 days ago


You guys are my heros!!!!!! Finally someone has the guts to try to get octo to answer questions. She doesn't answer real world questions. So she thinks she only has to work 2 hours while we work 2 months for the same money. No, I wouldn't be in her shoes as I work and plan ahead. She won't even be a memory in 2 years but the damage to the kids will be a lifetime. (SAD)

830 days ago


however if a person is disabled or a senior on SSD and SSI in CA, They must drop the SSI to receive food stamps because their is a food allowance in the money received from SSI payment each month. In said SSI payment, this allowance is only $55.00. YES, FIFTY-FIVE dollars every 3rd of the month. CAN YOU OR ANY ONE, EVEN AN INFANT CONSUMES MORE THAN 55.00 a WEEK, regardless that this is a monthly payment. However they are entitled to medical assistance, and receive Medi-Cal benefits to assist with the Medicare A & B and Part D prescription drugs co-pays, coinsurance and premiums. Again, why is she able to get this assistance, but our disabled and fixed income elderly can not unless they give up medical coverage IE: the Medi-cal that is needed to cover out of pocket medical? One last thing, the duggers or Gosslens are not on welfare or food stamps. Its a lazy bones excuse and she always defends herself, vs just says yep, I got in way to deep, its too late, but I can make it better each day forward, or moment if its that bad. 10K for photos, bet the money is gone and put on toys that are not needed. kids don't need things, they need time and commitment, not fake press love. Ughh it angers me so!

829 days ago


I'm still so shocked that the pornstar Lisa Ann looks so much like Sarah Palin! See what I mean? - too bad I don't like milfs ;(

824 days ago
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