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Levi Johnston

We Didn't Plan the Pregnancy

... But We're Excited

4/3/2012 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston tells TMZ ... his unborn baby was an unexpected surprise ... but he's very excited to raise the child the way HE wants to ... unlike the child he has with Bristol Palin.

Levi just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and admitted he didn't plan to knock up his new GF Sunny Oglesby ... but says, "Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it."

As for his son Tripp, Johnston says he hasn't been allowed to see the kid in over a month ... and blames the Palins for scheming to keep him out of his son's life.

Levi says he will continue to "fight" to see his child ... but notes, "Sunny and I are looking forward to raising the [new] baby together and maybe eventually getting married or something."


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This girl doesn't have a clue, He will leave her within a year of her giving birth, and good luck collecting child support.

847 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This P O S already ruined a couple lives and any ho who would accept that thing is looking for 'instant fame' and nothing more after what the entire world knows about this S O S who's already trashing the life of his one 'claimed' kid, as he's probably got more but the women ran to the nearest abortion clinic after seeing what he did to Palin's daughter. I'd like to see Todd take him down to the river and hold his head underwater until the thrashing stops like Pat Buchanan recommended when he was slamming his daughter all over the nation to the lefty humpers like Meghan McCain, a RINO in every sense of the word

847 days ago


Knocked up and maybe get married someday. Wow, this loser sounds like a 13 year old. So glad that the Palins can keep the loser away from Bristol and the baby. Drop out, no future. This story he sold is probably the only money he has made since Bristol kicked him to the curb.

847 days ago


Straight up Jerry Springer sh*t.

847 days ago


Someone should explain condoms to this hick. Two kids with his DNA...ugh. But at least this one won't have palin genes; that's a definite plus.

847 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

K-Fed 5 Levi 2 8:27 to go in the second quarter.

847 days ago


if you are not planning a pregnancy, in this day and age- then why are you not using birth control? I feel bad for the child when it arrives, given that Levi and his new girlfriend don't seem to have a whole brain between the two of them!
Anyone can make a mistake or show poor judgement
only morons keep repeating it and are too stupid to learn from it
how many more children will he have in his lifetime that he hasn't planned but took no precautions to prevent
intelligent adults put thought into what they do and the consequences that may occur from their actions/choices
and they learn from their actions

847 days ago

Joan K    

DUMB ASS and so is his so called girl friend, they shouldn't be allowed to bear children when they act like little kids, stupid, stupid.

847 days ago

arale norimaki    

Unprotected Sex can lead to nasty things like herpes, gonorrhea, and something called child.

847 days ago


Levi's on some Alaskan endangered species list, above some kind of baby whale. Girls can't resist him

847 days ago


Like this guy could "plan" anything.....

847 days ago

Mary P    

I got pregnant with twins on depo provera. It's amazing how many people think that condoms (which are actually least effective among ALL methods) are the answer and act like it's 100%. He's been with the dang girl a year and a half. I mean seriously, you all act high and mighty like you just KNOW they were unprotected and having a one night stand. You blast the Palin's on a daily basis, but since he's minorly associated, you'll NOW believe the Palin family with what they say about HIM. But wait, they aren't to be trusted any other time, except this once where you can be asses and pass judgment. Then it's back to bashing Bristol and Sarah - unless another Levi story comes up, then it's time to believe them wholeheartedly!!

He's freakin 21 years old, she's 20. Last I checked, they were adults. She has a job, he has a job. Unless you see them in the WIC or welfare office, it's none of your business how, when or why they got pregnant. When I was 20, I'd already been married and divorced and remarried. (First husband decided to get abusive the moment I got pregnant using condoms.) I met my current husband by chance and we've now been married 8 years in a couple months. So what? Again, 18 is an adult. They have the right to do as they please.

I also think it's highly ironic how many people in their prior post history comment on equal rights stories, fair chances for all, defending some of the worst - but are ready to jump on this guy who isn't a drunk, on drugs and with a girl for longer than most people seem to stay married these days.

847 days ago


Somebody remind Levi that when you aren't using birth control, you should be expecting a pregnancy!

847 days ago


Somebody remind him that if you aren't using birth control, you should expect a pregnancy. I now understand why he has a rep confirm things... he sounds like a moron whenever he speaks!

847 days ago


"Sunny and I are looking forward to raising the [new] baby together and maybe eventually getting married or something." What a toattly immature and irresponsible boy (I'd say man but this douche has yet to man up and accept responsibility for ANYTHING he has done). Sunny get ready for this loser to dump you when the baby is born and be prepared to not get any support either financially or emotionally from him! Fathers who don't pay child support should not get to be a part of their child's life.

847 days ago
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