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Manny Pacquiao Charity Sued

Used Clothes

Are NOT 'Relief Goods'

4/3/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Manny Pacquaio Foundation is learning the hard way ... used clothes do NOT count as "relief goods" in the Philippines ... this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Manny's charity is being sued by a logistics company which claims they were hired by the MPF to ship several containers filled with "relief goods" to Manny's home country back in 2009.

But according to the lawsuit, "The containers were inspected by the Philippines authorities and found to have contained used clothing rather than relief goods and have held such containers as a violation of Philippines law."

The logistics company says the goods never made it to the people in need ... because they were confiscated by Philippine officials.

In the suit, the company implies Manny's Foundation is using the incident as an excuse to dodge the $35,805.36 bill ... even though it clearly believes it was the Foundation's responsibility to correctly label the goods.

The shipping company is now demanding the full payment -- plus interest.

Calls to the Manny Pacquiao Foundation have not been returned.

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933 days ago

buzz kill    

No good deed goes unpunished. Does someone in need really care if the clothing is new with designer labels. Talk about ungratefull, screw them let them go naked.

933 days ago


Even the poor want Louis Vuitton...used is so yesterday.

933 days ago


I guess all those "SWEAT SHOPS" in that area are pissed he sent that much clothing because they'll have to lay off some of their "SLAVE" labour.
What the hell is wrong with "USED" clothing? How about Manny gets pissed off and starts sending that "RELIEF GOODS" to some other country that needs it. What's with being grateful for what's being given?

933 days ago


He shouldn't screw the shipping company his beef should be with the Phillipine government.

933 days ago


Its a good thing the non corupt Phillipine government saved those poor people from...clothes. Really?

933 days ago


Hey guys, take a look at Green L's comment history. Sits there every day waiting for each new thread so that it can post a mundane post with an LOL at the end.
Kinda makes you grateful that you do not have Green L's life of sitting by the computer all day refreshing the TMZ page, so another senseless post with an LOL can be one of the first...It's hard to ignore when it is always there. Sigh.

933 days ago


Typical move by some bozo who has no idea of how international business works. I see this all the time here in China. People just assume they can do whatever they want instead of what the law allows.

933 days ago


He's donating clothing, be it used or new, to the people of his country and now this-from his own country's government??? That's some pretty efff'd up shnit

933 days ago


That is why people refrain from helping, because you become the prey when you try to do some good deed. Sad!

933 days ago

hiroko mima    

Not a shocking news for Filipino People... Philippines..land of corrupt officials!!!!

933 days ago

hiroko mima    

Filipino Officials are Corrupt people!

933 days ago


It is not the shipping company's error, so pay up.

933 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Everyone in the Philippines know that if any help arrives from any foreign country the Officials get first dibs. Even when it's to pay for ransom money from kidnapped individuals.

933 days ago


also, im sick and tired of America always being the first to step up when other countries need help. i say lets stop all the foreign aid and start helping our own people!
this is the God Damn United States of Freakin America and we have people living under bridges? WTF????

933 days ago
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