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Transgender Beauty Queen

Hotel Guests OUTRAGED

Over Bikini Shoot

4/4/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova received yet another fat rejection on Monday -- when her bikini shoot upset several guests at a swanky L.A. hotel ... and staff was forced to shut it down.

Sources tell TMZ, Jenna -- a post-op transgender -- had originally planned to host the bikini shoot in the privacy of her room at the Hotel Wilshire, but when she arrived with her crew around lunchtime, her digs weren't ready ... so she moved the shoot to the pool instead.

Problem is ... the pool at the Wilshire is located on the roof -- right beside the "Roof on Wilshire" restaurant -- and diners weren't too pleased when Jenna stripped down to a bikini right in front of them, posing for shots.

We're told diners complained -- and the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to pack it in, insisting the shoot was interfering with business. On top of that, we're told Jenna also failed to get permission from the hotel to shoot in a public area.

According to sources, Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge -- so the restaurant turned to the big dogs in hotel management, who quickly readied Jenna's room so she could move the shoot there instead.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred tells us the photog was shooting for a Canadian documentary -- and she claims the hotel later apologized to Jenna and the camera crew.


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Wow, she is stunning.

931 days ago


The logical fallacies, bigotry, and downright disrespectful language used by many of the posters on this article is appalling.

1 - Can you PROVE that she lied on her contest entry forms? If her government-issued ID lists her as Female, and she says she's Female on the form, how is that lying? I mean, even if you don't "agree" with her self-identification as a woman, the government that issued her ID does. If her ID says that she's female, she could testify under oath in court that she's female, and it wouldn't be perjury. You just believe that her gender is false or invalid. It doesn't mean that it is in the eyes of the law, which sort of trumps your opinion.

2 - HER preferred gender pronoun is female. She's not an "it". She's not a "he/she" or a "he-it". I get it, you don't agree with trans folks identifying as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. I get that you don't believe that their gender is valid. But calling someone "it" is horribly dehumanizing. The book "A Child Called 'It'" sold 1.6 million copies, and I think most people would agree that the author's abusive childhood is an abhorrent and horrible thing, that his mother calling him "it" was a terrible thing to do. Yet you can't extend the same line of thought to Trans people, because you're suddenly worth so much more than another human being because you believe that their existence is wrong and against nature?

3 - The article specifically states she is "post-op". Though that phrase is incredibly problematic for Trans folks on a number of levels, at least have the reading comprehension skills to realize that this means that she doesn't have a penis. Again, she doesn't have a penis. Thanks.

4 - Regardless of your feelings of the validity of Trans identities, Trans people are human beings, folks. Dehumanizing, insulting, and disrespecting Trans folks means that you're disrespecting another person. So you don't agree, fine. An obvious lack of understanding about how human gender notwithstanding, you could at least show some basic respect for another person. Here's the thing: if you didn't know she was Trans, you'd probably never say any of these things about her. Think on that for a second. So why does it matter that she's Trans? How does that *actually* effect you, personally, on a day-to-day basis? It doesn't. It doesn't undermine your identity, your family, your marriage, or your lifestyle. But you'll undermine all of those things when they belong to a Trans person? How does that make sense?

931 days ago


It's funny how hateful people get over something has absolutely no effect on their lives whatsoever. Even more humorous are all of the comments from the religious bigots. Obviously, you don't know **** about God or the Bible because according to Judaism, God, Adam and Eve were both male and female:

931 days ago

Mary Hinchy    

She looks like Ivanka Trump.

931 days ago


It's really quite simple guys, I don't want someone's ass in my face when I'm eating and I may want to have a nice conversation without being interrupted. If I wanted to see cheap ass while I'm eating, I'd go to the buffet at the strip club.

930 days ago


She's part girl, she's part boy
She's got parts everyone can enjoy
She's got more, she's got less
She's got her man hood tucked in her dress
Is she a mister or is she a miss?
Does she stand up when she's taking a piss?
She's my little girl, yeah, she's my little guy
When I try to please her I get poked in the eye
She wears lace and she wears flannel
She watched football and the Lifetime Channel
What's that buldge under her nightie?
It must be hermaphrodite, yeah, hermaphrodite
Some things are white
Some things black
Some girls wear makeup
Mine shaves her back
She is still beautiful, she is still fine
It's too bad her package is bigger than mine
She can't help her imperfections
She gets jock itch from her yeast infections
Who stole all my tighty whities?
It must be hermaphrodite, yeah

930 days ago


We shouldn't celebrate mental illness. What if he/she decided she was a dog and wanted surgery to look like one? Can she enter the Westminster Dog Show?

930 days ago

Christopher Duran    

I think the Donald said OK, because this thing looks just like his daughter Ivanka

930 days ago


She was not modeling naked so what is the big deal? Why was everyone so outraged? That's discrimination right there. Because she was born a man and now is a female does not mean she is a monster.

930 days ago


Michael Jackson Was A Pedo: 3 days ago
It's not a gay or lesbian issue, it's a mental health issue. It's 100% insane. We shouldn't be accepting this nuttiness.. we should be getting these people VERY extensive psychiatrist help.
You are insane and you need psychiatric help as soon as possible if you believe sexual orientation is a mental illness. It's like saying that being black is a mental illness. Being female is a mental illness. Being left-handed is a mental illness. Anything that is different to you is a mental illness. I bet you think that God is nuts.

930 days ago
i am ashamed.

930 days ago

karen Benedict    

He is not a female he is a male so start a( Transgender Beauty Queen Contest) for transgenders and we will start from that......Please people open your eyes and see..........

930 days ago


First off, I agree that this article is blowing it out of proportion, and that the problem was probably just that a photoshoot was occurring with a scantily clad woman, hence the annoyance. Because no one would know she was born a man, because she is GORGEOUS. The comments on this page are the most sickening example of homophobia I've ever SEEN. Do you have any IDEA what it would be like to grow up, not being allowed to be the gender you feel yourself to be? I certainly can't, and thank god I was born a woman because that's what I am, but if I was born into the body of a man I'd want surgery as well. This woman is BEAUTIFUL, and DESERVES equality. If you don't like it, fine, go away, no one can make anyone else support anything, but understand that your denial of rights to this woman is homophobic, bigoted, and revolting.

930 days ago


you told a caller to read a book when you didnt even know what a 'courtesy flush/cow tipping' was
Until the day comes when you can alter someones genetic makeup,you will always be who you were born to be


930 days ago


It's surprising the way people express their emotions here with hateful words. I'm not in favor of transgendered females competing in the pageant either. I strongly feel that all women in this type of competition should be a natural born females. Furthermore I feel no sort of alterations should be allowed. Whether it be a nose job, fake breast or something as complex as transgender surgery. I do not however feel that people should refer to a transgendered female as trash, freaks or any degrading words.

930 days ago
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