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Davy Jones

Weed-Type Drug in System

At Time of Death

4/5/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

"Monkees" singer Davy Jones died with cannabinoids in his system -- a class of drug that includes marijuana -- this according to his autopsy report.

It's unclear if the cannabinoids in question were from smoking marijuana, or from something else entirely -- but the report is clear ... the cannabinoids did NOT play a role in Davy's death.

The toxicology report came back negative for other drugs.

The report also confirms what TMZ first reported ... Davy died of a heart attack -- with severe build-up in his arteries.

As we first reported, Davy suffered the heart attack in February, while visiting his horses at a Florida ranch. He was pronounced dead shortly after at a nearby hospital.

Davy was 66.



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Miss Mary    

Good for him! A little weed never hurt anyone. Sure wish I was at home right now partaking.

938 days ago


It's Whitney's fault for introducing Davey to drugs in the first place.

938 days ago


1st! Of COURSE it didnt have anything to do with why he died. There are ZERO weed related deaths or assaults in the entire world. Quite frankly there are most likely zero arguments as well, if you disclude those that start with somebody ragging on smoking weed. The USA has declared war on a passive plant with untold healing properties. The hobbled can walk and those with sight problems receive great benefit. So thanks TMZ for the info. WEED GOOD!

938 days ago


If it wasn't the cuase of death why even report it? There's no reason the public needs to know Davy had a puff before passing.

938 days ago

Cheryl A.    

He was a child of the 60's (and in his 60's) Who didn't try MJ when they were young? I did.

938 days ago


This shouldn't even be an issue but lucky for him. Pot is a gateway drug. For sure he would have eventually died from cocaine, LSD or propohol. If only the police caught him and locked him up before he died. He'd still be dead today. When is this stupid country going to legalize the stuff?

938 days ago


weed, a completely safe and non toxic herb..............

938 days ago


If it played no role in his death, it's not really breaking news now, is it TMZ ?

938 days ago


Who cares? Some hard drug might be noteworthy, but a musician that came of age in the 60s smoking pot? It would be a bigger story if he didn't do weed.

938 days ago


Davy loved his weed RIP Davy!!

938 days ago


Slow news day TMZ? OK who over there needed to make it look like they were actually doing some work? So an older man who was prevalent in the 60s rock culture died with cannabis in his system but it didn't have anything to do with his death. Gee. Thank you so much for that important life altering piece of breaking news

938 days ago


The guy died of a heart attack; why the need for an autopsy?

938 days ago


Get informed people. Smoking weed can cause heart problems and possibly a heart attack. I smoked some really good weed once and had a heart attack. My heart doctor said i was one in ten thousand, i had to quit. I trust his education and experience over the uninformed and uneducated people that post here.

938 days ago


Pot... smoked by little children and people with Down's. Wussies.

938 days ago


Now you've just burst the bubble of millions of now middle aged women by sullying the squeaky-clean image of this man. Shame on you TMZ.

938 days ago
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