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Kim & Kanye ... How Long

Has This Been Going On?

4/5/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Now that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have gone public, everyone's wondering when they started doing ... y'know ... it? Maybe Kanye's ex, Amber Rose was right when she said K&K were ... y'know!

Plus, does Tyler Perry's racial profiling accusation hold water? We've got a witness to the whole scene ... you gotta hear his story before you judge. Also, Lindsay Lohan told us she was hitting the town for dinner -- NOT clubbing. Well, we got video, and umm ... dinner at 1:45 AM, Linds??

(0:30) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- dating!
(1:30) Kanye's new song ... ripping Kris Humphries.
(3:01) Are Amber Rose's cheating claims vindicated now?
(10:30) Whitney Houston's mom -- devastated by the autopsy report.
(14:40) Tyler Perry claims he was racially profiled by cops -- and eyewitness calls in to back him up ... but gives details showing the opposite.
(19:15) The Masters still won't let let women join the club -- Angie Everhart calls in to call BS on the club.
(25:30) Mary J. Blige blames Burger King for the chicken commercial controversy ... Harvey's still not buying it.
(31:10) Mark Curry's nightmare dentist trip.
(35:00) Britney Spears -- making bank off her house.
(37:09) Lindsay Lohan told us she's done clubbing ... so what was she doing out til 2 AM?
(43:10) Your questions ... answered live!


No Avatar


TMZ get a grip. These two twits couldn't come close to bringing down the internet.

931 days ago


Kim K is a ...........she cannot be without a man for even a month. Or even as long as her engagement or marriage. This is not the way that peoples hearts work. There is something wrong with her mentally to be able to go head over heals in love with someone, on to the next one and then be the same way with him.
Kim K you need some help, not just for the obvious mental issues we see on TV, but for this man stuff. It literally is seeing you as a whore, and many other names come to mind. TAKE A BREAK from men and learn to HELP YOU because you are one seriously disturbed person, and no amount of makeup, clothes, money is going to cover that up.
Besides the fact that at 30 you have been married 2x, engaged I dont know how many times, and been with only God knows how many men, and made a porno. Do you not see Kim that you are way past time for some help? Real serious help mentally?

931 days ago


they are coming out as a couple the same day kanye releases his single. they are both attention whores, match made in hell.

931 days ago


THIS probably broke up her FAKE wedding! These two idiots deserve each other! WHO the hell would search either one of them on the net?

931 days ago


Better Fit for Kim --You forgot a choice NO ONE FN Cares. Just how much money do they pay you and they shoud do a investigation in to TMZ see if it like the old radio days
and if they all taking cash for stories about a X family

931 days ago


PLEASE, PLEASE TMZ!!!! We are all so sick of stories about this woman! Enough--move on. If you don't, eventually a lot of us are going to give up this site.

931 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Does Kim prey on men who have the same initial as hers?

931 days ago


These two nitwits deserve eachother..both are no class trash.

931 days ago


Foul Play? No. There was probably lots of coverups with Whitney's not good habits before her death. I am sure her family was aware of it that they didn't want fans to know just family trying to protect her image probably.

931 days ago


I am done i will not watch The KKK show

931 days ago


Why no bad comment on them

931 days ago


Do you think Kriss Jenner is already shopping for Kim and Kanye new wedding ?

931 days ago


This is what broke up the marriage, and the sick part is that he probably was willing to forgive but SHE asked for a divorce. Super couple my arse.

931 days ago


are you playing a game, "guess the piece of trash over mike's right shoulder on the floor?" today it looks like a marker.

931 days ago


You're quite uninformed about Augusta National. Women play over 1000 rounds of golf there per year. It's a men's club, get over it.

931 days ago
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