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Cuba Gooding Jr.

I NEVER Groped Those Women

4/6/2012 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_gooding_videoCuba Gooding Jr. is shooting down reports he sexually harassed and groped several women in a New Mexico bar last month ... telling TMZ the allegations are "bulls**t."

Just a few weeks ago, reports surfaced CGJ had rolled into a tavern in Albuquerque on March 1 and got super grabby with several women ... before allegedly punching a guy who tried to take his picture.

But yesterday at LAX ... Cuba was adamant he did nothing wrong ... and when we asked about the women possibly having photo evidence ... he brushed it off telling us, "Yeah ... yeah right."


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Ive seen him in a Venice Bar, very drunk. It was like 8pm and he was hammered about 9 months ago. Maybe he didn't remember...cause when you cant handle your booze you do things....we all know that's true of drunks...

894 days ago


Well, I'm not sure of the allegations against him, but I do know he does ask random women out. So given that he is a celebrity he may have hit on these women, and they decided to take it to the extreme and say he gropped them. He actually asked my sister out twice about 5 yrs ago (he was married at the time). He asked her for her number, she gave it to him for S&Gs just to see if he would call, because he's a celebrity, and she is not, and he called her a few days later. She didnt answer, but called him back saying she didnt feel comfortable going out with him regardless of who he was, because he was married.

They ran into eachother again about 6 mo later, and he again asked her out, and she said she told him straight out, you're married and you're drinking, so not sure if you are aware of what you are doing, but no, I cannot go out with you.

She saw him again in SM, and they exchanged hello's but he was with his kids so she said he was polite, but high-tailed it away from her.

She said he was extremely nice, was nice every time she saw him, but he was married. She said he never touched her, or even attempted to touch her, just asked her out, and for her number.

My sister is not a celebrity, she is your average blond nobody, who grew up in and around Santa Monica, Ca.

So, even though he apparently hits on random women, I dont think he gropped these women. I think they recognized him, and are now going after him for sexual harrassment because of who he is.

894 days ago


I can see this...A few years ago me and a bunch of friends were at a club in Park City, Utah and he was all over the girls there and groping them. One of Our friends' girlfriend actually left with him that night.

894 days ago


Come on Cubes, you know you groped those women....The antics he displays during interviews, I wouldn't put this past him.

894 days ago


well he does wear a creeper hat pretty well.

894 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Humm, seems like the REAL truth is coming out about him from these posters who have had contact with him.

894 days ago


Oh ho absolutely did. My friends and I ran into him in a bar in Santa Monica and he not only flirted and bought drinks for every woman in there, he hit the dance floor and started kisses girl's necks while grinding against every female he could find - regardless of whether they were interested or not.

894 days ago


Let's see . . .
A male actor arrives at a bar and starts to make physical advances toward the female bar hoppers. Say it isn't so!!!
Who'da Thunk It ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
LADIES, . . . You weren't exactly grocery shopping, were you???
Take some responsibility for your own actions, as well.

894 days ago


I have never posted anything on here but I must say something. When Cuba was in Utah filming Daddy Day Camp he came into a Bar in Park City, UT called No Name Salon. He walked in alone to have a quick drink, I was with my mother and a friend of hers and I looked at them and said look it's Cuba Gooding Jr. I got all giddy as he sat down and I looked at them and said I'm going to use the restroom, he looked at me as I walking into the restroom as I came out of the restroom he looked at me and said would you like to sit down and have a drink, of course who will pass on an opportunity like that, right? We sat and talked about why he was in town and that he needed a quick beer before getting back to shooting, my mother and her friend had walked over to our table and I introduced them and Cuba stood up hugged my mother and told her he was quite fond of her daughter (me). He told me he had to get back to shooting after our beer and asked if we could go out later that night, he wanted to pick me up at my home in Heber City, UT (not far from where he was shooting) I told him that I was showing some real estate that evening (as I was a realtor) I then asked aren't you married and he told me that he was seperated from his wife. He actually gave me his cell phone number and asked that I call him later that evening.
I called him later that evening and he asked if he could come over in a few hours and hang at my house so he was not out in public, I told him that was fine however I had a small child and was a single mother and that my daughter would be home, he then went off about his children and how they are his world. He told me he would call me when he was on his way. In the interm my girlfriend showed up and of course I couldn't help but tell her who was on his way, blah, blah. She said, he's married with like 5 kids Tracy and I was like Oh they are seperated, then we jumped on the internet and boy you can find everything on the internet. He was married to a schoolteacher and had just recently had another baby, I was sickened, I instantly called him and said are you married and seperated cause what I read on the internet is not what you have told me, he paused and hung up on me, seriously. I then again tried his cell phone back and got some weird answering machine.
I of course never called him again nor did he come over that night. However I just wanted to share that he is NOT a saint...

894 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

See the pattern going on here? When the African Americans (mostly the males cause most can't be called men since they don't support their children and abandon their families at a rate of 75%) break through and the population at large makes them all rich entertainers, the "brutha &/or sista" that's been bottled up inside all those years comes out like Old Faithful when they THINK they don't need anyone anymore. That is right up until they blow through all those millions and end up broke, broken, dead or all three at once, usually by 45. I could list 50 of them just off the top of my head, just recently a whole spate of it including this guy, even Jordan, Tiger Woods, every single freaking 'top affflete and clebity'... It happens so consistently it either HAS TO BE inbred or genetic, which one? Sad is what is definitely is.

894 days ago



894 days ago


He's a liar....he groped me repeatedly in south beach Miami! Then had a nerve to beg me to go to his hotel room. He's a dog....end of story!

894 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Yup, sounds like Cuba Gooding Jr. is just a big cheating perv. He needs to be put on the Sex Offenders list.

894 days ago

Tigers Wood    

TMZ you need to pay to get those photos. Also, still waiting for the Paula Dean photos of her eating a big burger.

894 days ago


Cuba is a well known white women groper

894 days ago
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