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Kim Kardashian

I'm LOVIN' Kanye West's

New Song About Me! [Video]

4/6/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West.
Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West ... telling the "Today" show she's a big fan of his new song ... even though he rips her ex-husband. .

A smiley, happy Kim sat down with Ann Curry this morning ... and took on question after question about her new hook-up ... to which Kim replied, "I completely respect and understand you have to ask these questions."

Kim then explained she's been friends with Kanye for years and is excited for what the future holds for them.

Ann also asked about Kanye's new song, "Theraflu" ... the one in which he professes his love for Kim and says he could've had Kris Humphries kicked off the NJ Nets.

Speaking of Kris ... Kim told Ann she doesn't want to talk about him anymore ... saying, "I have closed that chapter ... I'm just really ready to move on."


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Ronnie Nel    

LMAO You people hate Kim while you type on your computers in your mothers basement, hey wait a second wait a second I hear your mother calling you right now , go get your hot pocket she just nuked for your supper you 30 plus year old loser LoL

896 days ago


Everything about Kim K is screaming wh*re! I can't wait till she gets old and ugly and finally has to sit her a$$ down somewhere. I'm tired of hearing about who Kim is shacking up with at the time. Whose it gonna be in a couple of months?

896 days ago


My question is WHY wont this broad find her an Armenian man, these peopkle are suppose to be so into family values and thier own kind.. well why doesnt this woman take her fake behind off to date her Armenian men,, or wont they have her after all the black men she laid up with. What is with this chick and black d**k,this is all she goes after.. is she racist against her own race of men.. its a shame when thats all you go after, i thought Armenians had such high family history values..but when blakc blk date non black women folks say they hate blk women...what about her?

896 days ago


Kanye is a bigger diva than Kim, if that's even possible. This will never work.

896 days ago


OK so I forced myself to watch the entire 1min 48sec of the less then riveting interview w/ Kim...was there something specific (that I missed?) that was remotely interesting?
Also, I believe I read yesterday that Ann is getting the ax from TODAY. Clearly she deserves it. Anyone who interviews Kim Trash-Kanian has no journalistic integrity and does not deserve the job she has.

896 days ago


TMZ is good at following what various celebrities do. Particularly people such as Kim K.

Kim K has her movements reported on TMZ. Fact. I imagine paparazzi follow her around. Not just TMZ - the far less scrupulous ones. For instance I can see where Kim K was by viewing TMZ stories with Kim K's tag. It's not difficult, it's a well designed website.

Yet nothing about the affair with Kanye West until Paris. Not even on other gossip sites. So, let's get it in sequence; Kim K was travelling to all those places, promoting all those things - a very busy lady. But somewhere in the scant gaps Kanye West was besotted enough to write a song about her.

Maybe they fell in love via email or twitter. If not I suggest the CIA and others get in touch with them because they're among the best people at keeping secrets in the world ever. With all that attention.

Or alternatively it was mutually beneficial and planned fairly recently. And it looks a bit like that to anyone who thinks about it.

896 days ago

the real diva    

2 losers always a loser.both of them go far away.. where we never hear from them again.
and do not leave a forwarding address for TMZ to find you. or else Harvey will be there with bells on to report on you.
the world does not need anyonre Kardashian or Kanye West news.

896 days ago


Well KK, before you can close "that chapter of your life", you have to get DIVORCED. And that very well mean you have to go to court and have a trial, so you will be forced to tell the TRUTH about your scams & finances, not to mention what you REALLY did with the wedding gifts.

896 days ago


Why is she even being interviewed?!

896 days ago


I wonder when she begins filming for the next season of that show??????? Just curious as timing is everything.....

896 days ago


BALONEY! Publicity stunt. They are both hoping to stay in the media.

896 days ago


Kanye, JayZ, P-Diddiot (Puffy) all ghetto and hood rats
who crawled out of the gutter, and made $. No class, no
morals, NO talent, just big talking thugs. Look what
happened to Tupac..another thug..and Kim K..ghetto
hood rat wanna be who will let any black man pee on her.
Next time someone 'flour' bombs her..make it anthrax!

896 days ago


You FAKE, vapid WH*0RE! Kanye's song drops the EXACT same day that you have a "date" in front of cameras? A 2-day relationship and you're willing to talk about it on the Today Show? KANYE IS GAY!
You wouldn't even do an interview because you knew everyone was waiting to RIP you - The flour bomb incident, the fake marriage, the fact Kris wants to know how much money you made on the fake wedding, the fact that two supermodels staged a protest at your DASH store while you and your repulsive family jetted out of town to avoid it, your FAKE sister Khloe and how she is the product of your mom being a WH*0RE just like you.
Yet ask Kanye to write a song and get him to agree to suddenly "date" you and look - all those questions disappear!
You fckn P!SS loving WH*0RE

896 days ago


And she's on to her next big black dyk to suck. Bravo ho Bravo! Had more black dyk in her than a prison.

896 days ago

Ronnie Nel    

Hey Kim K , You are beautiful , Sexy and Rich , these people are jealous of you because their Lives Suck so bad LoL , How in the hell can you hate a person this much that none of you losers have never even met , O I know why because you dumb zombies believe anything that comes on T.V , Listen to me get a life ... Get a Job ... Buy a Home ... spend time with your stupid kids who are on track to fail at life ... the reason I know your kids are failing is because you are on , Hating on Kim K , because she is doing her thing dont be hater all your life you dumb idots, " Let he who is without sin cast the first stone "

896 days ago
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