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Lisa Lampanelli

Arsenio's 'Apprentice' Outburst

Turned VIOLENT Behind Scenes

4/6/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli
insists Arsenio Hall's foulmouthed tirade on "Celebrity Apprentice" last weekend was WAY worse behind the scenes -- claiming Arsenio called Aubrey O'Day the c-word ... and even got violent.

Lisa called in to Broadminded on XM Sirius Stars Thursday -- and according to the comedian, the worst parts of Arsenio's anti-Aubrey outburst were edited out ... when he called Aubrey a "c***" and said, he would "something something all over her face."

You'll recall ... the parts that did make it to air included Arsenio in the War Room, saying, "I Googled [Aubrey] and a naked picture with a gut popped up ... f**k her!" (below)

But Lisa says what was edited out sounded so "violent" -- she jumped up and alerted producers, claiming it was the first time in 20 years she had been so shaken up.

Calls to Arsenio were not returned.


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Lisa Lampanelli is a evil cow

927 days ago


I have been watching the apprentice and I can not believe Lisa Lampanelli is still on the show. My blood pressure goes through the roof when I watch her! I would throw her off the balcony. She definitely is not a team player, she is negative, and has a trash mouth. She is just jealous of the other girls because she is so fat and trailer trash. I think the only reason she hasn't been fired is for the ratings. I would never support any of her shows, books or anything she is involved in. I don't know how she can live with herself.

926 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli is the most divisive, manipulative and downright disgusting personality I have ever witnessed on TV. There are limits to a person's behavior even on a show like Celebrity Apprentice, and she increasingly crosses it every week. Take whatever she said and discount it by half. The woman is a dysfunctional beast given the way she treats people.

926 days ago


This story paints a one-sided picture. If you saw how Aubrey had been to everyone for weeks, you would side with Arsenio. Aubrey was completely bossy, bitchy, argumentative, and constantly attacked Arsenio numerous times before he "exploded" on her.

Lisa got mad because he called her Aubrey a "bitch", and probably because Lisa feels that term hits close to home since she's a bitch herself. I have no issue with calling a bitch a bitch - if the term fits her. That's different than calling women in general bitches, which I feel is wrong.

926 days ago


Lisa is such a B@&CH, I never heard of her before, but seeing her on this show is such a turn off....She's condescending, disrespectful, and thinks that she's better than others is llaughable...

926 days ago


Just because you are clown skank, it doesnt mean your a celebrity. I just became Asenio's biggest fan.

926 days ago

For Justice    

That Liza is nothing but a big mouthed troublemaker.I don't care if she is a comedian, she talks to everyone just awful, and then complains because Arsenio gives it back.Good for you Arsenio.

926 days ago


needs to be fired !!!! she is the most miserable person i have ever seen . she is a disgrace to the show ,and why would Trump but someone like that on his show .If he keeps having that kind of person on his show I WILL NOT WATCH !!!! AND A LOT OF MY FRIENDS SAID THE SAME SHE IS JUST BAD BAD BAD !!!

926 days ago

debbie c    

The one with the filty of all mouths and back stabbing is her! Between her and Aubrey I don't know which one I want to punch first. I can't stand either one of them and can't wait for them both to get fired! I would be embarrassed to have them represent my charity! good grief!

926 days ago


Aubrey is no angel by any means. She pushed Arsenio to his limits. She is a loud mouth young woman and if shes going to be a bully she might as well expect others to speak up also. She knows exactly what she is doing just like Lisa does. I think they will be pretty embarrassed when they watch the show themselves. They are vile foul mouthed bullies. They can dish it out but can't take it. Way to go Arsenio. By the way I am very much a lady and I probably would have reacted the same way he did.

926 days ago


The men worked well together. Put a couple of bitches in the mix and all hell breaks loose.

921 days ago


Arsenio Hall was completely out of line, do he think that Donald Trump will hire someone like him who can not control his temper and speak and resolve issues in a professional dignified manner.

Then he want to try to say it was because his cousin just died from HIV, BULLSH** Arsenio I am not buying it as a African American woman and I am sure millions of other women as well do not agree with the way you spoke to Aubrey and the comments that you made.

He should have gotten control of Aubrey at the begining of the task and when she started presenting the concept you should have politely and professionally rely to her you were the PM and you will tell them about the concept.

As for the pictures again you were the PM if you didn't want to take your picture leaning on a counter looking crazy or when you all decided to take the pictures standing in front of a white wall. You all specifically stated lets go to Walgreens and take our picture surrounded by the store items and you let Aubrey stand each of you in front of a white wall.

921 days ago


For how much longer do we have to keep putting up with Lisa and her insults to the Hispanics. Trump better do something about it enough already.

920 days ago


arsenio put his sun glasses any good coward. aubrey came out with the ideas and clay and coward didn't want her to get the credit. that's that. i have zero respect for arsenio. arsenio you are NOT a man. SHE CAME TO YOU MORON. she gets full credit again. the lowest thing you did was use the excuse of your cousin dying for all your emotions. you hated aubrey from day one...i've watched all the episodes. your cousin had NOTHING to do with your rant.

919 days ago


Lisa Lampinelli has ZERO room to talk about ANYBODY. She's a hothead and straight ******* for some the things she says to people.

Case in point: she was SO offended at Arsenio's use of the B word toward Aubrey because it was an afront to ALL women but in the SAME show, she called Dayana a B---H on the puppet show episode. I can't stand her. I think she should be totally ignored, no matter how outrageous she gets because as long as she has an audience, she'll keep doing it.

919 days ago
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