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Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is a LIAR --

We've NEVER Hidden Tripp

4/6/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama Grizzly is clawing back at Levi Johnston ... claiming Bristol Palin's baby daddy straight up LIED when he claimed her family has been actively trying to block Levi from seeing his son, Tripp.

Sarah and Todd Palin have issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We have never hidden Tripp from Levi or discouraged Levi from spending time with him. Any suggestion that we have is false and contrary to our core beliefs."

The Palins add, "The last time either of us recall a conversation with Levi was in the summer of 2010 when Levi sat down at our house with us and personally apologized about lies he told to the media about our family. Neither of us have talked to him since that day."

The Palins are referring to the statements Levi made on "TMZ Live" this week ... when he accused the entire Palin clan of hatching a diabolical plan to keep him away from Tripp ... and said Sarah is the one pulling the strings.

But the Palins say Levi is full of moose droppings ... telling us, "We are disappointed that he continues to tell falsehoods about us to garner media attention. We encourage Levi and all non-custodial fathers to be fully engaged and to positively and fully participate in their children's lives. This includes not making misstatements about his child's grandparents."


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So Levi apologized to the Wasilla hillbillies in 2010 for statements he made on TMZ Live this week?
Um, ok...

910 days ago


#1--Sheri--honey, if you have to advertise how great your group is on TMZ--you are not anything you proclaim to be. That's just plain pathetic.

910 days ago


I don't believe Sarah and Bristol for a second. I believe Levi Johnston when he says the Palins have prevented him from seeing his son. Those women have proven they will manipulate and deceive anyone to get what they want. And this happens to thousands of fathers. The mother prevents them for seeing their children and then say, "I told you he(the father)is a loser. He doesn't even want to see his own children."

910 days ago

Pigs might fly    

"We encourage Levi and all non-custodial fathers to be fully engaged and to positively and fully participate in their children's lives," says the woman who abused the power of her office to have her brother-in-law fired... branding him as a bad cop, bad husband and bad father.

910 days ago


Thumbs up if you'd poop in Sarah Palin's mouth!!

910 days ago


I wonder if she swallows on a first car date

910 days ago


Hey sarah i fantasize about you blowing me every single night know,when will you make it a reality sweet lips? :)

910 days ago


Of course he's lying. He'll never admit to the new girl that he knocked up that he's a deadbeat loser with his previous child.

910 days ago


the question is her daughter stopping him from seeing his kid it has nothing to do with her mother

910 days ago

Studley Buck    

Levi Johnston is a smarmy little punk who would be a negative influence on his son. Mama Grizzly is right to smack him down.

910 days ago


I'm no Palin fan, but it is clear to me that Levi is a douche bag.

910 days ago


Levi may be a douche for knocking up girls out of wedlock, and he may be a complete d!ck in general. But I'm sorry, I do believe SP and BP would keep him from the baby. That is the only control they have over him. And they have to have control!! If they don't they freak. I hate to say I believe Levi, especially since he is named after a pair of pants, but I do believe him.

910 days ago

There's a problem here    

I wish all of these people end up on a floating iceberg very soon. Why can't they just go away? Why is stupidity celebrated?

910 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This P O S is such a lowlife s*** anyone who would believe anything he says about the Palin's is an idiot, as anyone can see it's nothing but bulllllshiiit which he knows sites like this and leftwing psycho's out there go apoplectic .... just as predictable as monkeys going apeshiite over a banana chucked into their cage or a crack rock chucked into ghettoman's cage.... even HE knows these people live to hate anyone who isn't on the baby slaughter/Sodom and Gomorrah train so he keeps feeding the beast and the beast comes back for more and more. Meanwhile all these leftwing momoanklegrabbers are out there whining because Rush Limbaugh called a left wing plant of a s l u t who put herself out there with a target on her back demanding we men out here pay for her freaking birth control instead of her making her johns pay the freight but these same jags shred Palin and her disabled child and daughters day in and day out. Psychopaths.

910 days ago

Joan K    

Both of these poeple make my skin crawl and I love the idea of them all floating away on some iceberg, lol

910 days ago
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