TMZ Live Levi -- Sarah Palin Won't Let Me See Tripp

4/3/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Levi Johnston -- Sarah Palin Won't Let Me See My Son

Levi Johnston called in to blast Sarah Palin ... accusing her of blocking him from seeing his son with Bristol. Levi also talked about his new baby on the way -- but says he's not giving up the fight to see Tripp.

Also, Donald Trump joined us to fire back at the transgender Miss Universe contestant and Gloria Allred ... and it's classic! Maybe his best one-liner ever. Plus, Vince Neil on why he's been banned from a Vegas resort -- and Apple legend Steve Wozniak shows Ashton Kutcher some love.

(1:01) Levi Johnston knocks up another girlfriend on accident ... he's on the phone to talk about his latest impregnation.
(7:10) Urkel causes controversy on "DWTS."
(10:10) Donald Trump calls in -- guns blazing -- after Gloria Allred called him out over the transgender Miss Universe contestant.
(15:10) "Today" and "GMA" take shots at the other.
(18:10) A "Two and a Half Men" exec disses.
(28:30) The Beatles' sons ... forming a band?
(33:10) Vince Neil calls in to explain why he was banned from the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas ... but Harvey thinks he's leaving something out.
(40:10) Rosie O'Donnell's $19 million house is up for sale -- Harvey manages to make a game out of it.
(43:10) We take your calls!