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I'm Not So Sure My Son

Is Biologically Mine!

4/8/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Juvenile is locked in a child support battle with his baby mama over his 13-year-old son ... but now Juvenile has learned the boy might not be his and he wants him to take a paternity test, this according to new court documents. 

As TMZ first reported, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in February when he fell behind on child support to the tune of $160,000. Juvenile told TMZ himself that he's a good father and that his son stays with him most of the time.

But now Juvenile has fired back in a big way ... filing court docs in Louisiana saying he never established paternity when his son was born and didn't even sign the birth certificate at the time.

Juvenile claims he only recently learned the boy's mother was having sexual relations with "at least one other man" at the time and that he was "fraudulently induced" into various child support agreements. 

He is requesting a paternity test and if it turns out he's not the father ... he wants all judgments against him released AND he wants back every dime he laid out for the boy for the last 13 years. Ouch.

The two sides are set to be in court next month.



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For the child's sake, I hope he's the son of this guy. I highly doubt this is a stall tactic since it's been 13 years. If the child isn't his, he should definitely get the money back from the boy's mother. Either way, I hope he stays in his 'son's' life.

927 days ago


The Appeals Courts have held after a time, the relationship trumps B-i-o-l-o-g-y.

Why doesn't he man up instead of trashing the boy's mother?

Mon on, Father's Rights here Here.

927 days ago


Why would you wait 13 years to determine if the kid is yours or not? This is horrible, poor child.

927 days ago


Sounds like he is just trying to get out of paying by claiming she his maybe, baby mama. What about the 13 year old boy who has called him dad for the past 13 years. This is going to hurt him, no way it wont.
Does anyone else see these guy with these gold teeth and at first think they have a very bad plaque problem?

927 days ago


juve trippin! he got exposed as a clown how the hek you gonna pay 13 yrs of child support and not know the kid is yours?Really? for me to spend a penny i better know that kids mine!

927 days ago


these guys seem to be poor judges of character

927 days ago


whoa #8, you better back that thang up.

927 days ago

Seriously wtf    

At 13 isn't the boy old enough to decide whom he wants to live with? If the son already stays with the guy most of the time, why doesn't the guy file to have permanent custody and therefore not need to pay child support? Poor kid. Sounds like he has two jerks for 'parents'.

927 days ago

your own luck    

That is the ugliest mouth and teeth I have ever seen.

927 days ago

Ratings Needed    

What a gross picture! Anyone that denies an innocent child is an A@@... so typical!

927 days ago

No comment    

Well, there is a case out of Texas where a man was married to a woman. After a divorce he found out all three of his kids were not biologically from him. He sued stating he was not the father and should not have to pay child support. He lost. Juvenile could be in for the same if he has supported the child for 13 years. He wasn't married to the woman, but he has established years of parental support. Good luck. Men should request a DNA test before paying child support.

927 days ago


This guy is a selfish pig. If he loves this kid and is a "good father" as he claims, why the hell would he a) not pay to support the kid, and b) publicly declare it's not his son. Even if he's not your biological son, you are the only father he's ever known. Put someone else's feelings first for once. Quit being a richard.

927 days ago

you know it    

i don't know who this character is but i do know one fact. when it comes down to will try and use that card to get out of paying. great move to let the kid know after all these years that you are fighting to show you weren't the father. douchebag!

927 days ago


If the kid isn't his he probably won't have to pay the back amount or continue to pay, but the money already spent? Gone. It was his responsibility to deny/establish paternity from the beginning.

927 days ago


My best friend's husband not only had to pay child support for his ex wife's son from her first marriage but still had to pay right up till the kid was 25 because he had a learning disability and lived at home. Biology isn't always the determining factor in child support orders.

927 days ago
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