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'16 & Pregnant' Couple

Pregnant AGAIN

After Child Services Incident

4/9/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_pregnant_EXIt's barely been six months since Child Protective Services took away their daughter -- but TMZ has learned, "16 and Pregnant" couple Ebony and Joshua Rendon are PREGNANT ... AGAIN.

Joshua tells TMZ, Ebony is currently 10 weeks preggers with the couple's second child.

According to Joshua, the pregnancy was NOT planned -- but he adds, "We are extremely excited for the baby."

Here's the kicker -- CPS took away Josh and Ebony's toddler last year because of the deplorable living conditions in the Rendons' household ... including maggot-filled piles of garbage and feces on the wall. The couple was arrested for child endangerment.

Shockingly, their girl is STILL with CPS -- and we're told Josh and Ebony only get supervised visitation. The case is still pending.

But Josh tells us, he and Ebony have learned from their mistakes, completed parenting classes, and now keep their home immaculate. Josh insists ... they're 100% ready for another kid.

Josh and Ebony are currently fighting to regain full custody of their daughter.


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Yeah, as the said CPS propaganda themselves as an efficient organization that is for the good of children, someone needs to investigate their criminal activity out here in California, using the CPS as an outlet to kidnap, sexually violate, torture, and torment children. Oh it is not only here bu through the said States, and world. Merced, Alameda, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Mateo, San Francisco County and through... Terrorizing parents.. and taking their children, as they are doing to me, and my children; then denying they ever existed... Oh is that Ala in Alameda, as in WOW.. or as in Islamic said GOD? Facebook website;; and Myspace Website: where I write more regarding what they are doing here... not that I don't think that it is already known everywhere, with the audio, and not as if I have not been on National, and International news repeatedly regarding such terrorism acts.

923 days ago


And I should care "Why"????

923 days ago


oh, you a$$holes. wipe that stupid smile off your face you reject.

923 days ago

Lindy Hiam    

Don't judge ... unless you want someone to come up and start judging you for all the mistakes and stupid stuff you do (like trusting that TMZ is a quality media outlet that tells the truth). Retards! It's the media -- they put in whatever will sell the most, d'uh.
These kids are young and trying. They are doing the best they know how to do. Where is their parental support? Why were children left alone to try to raise children? Where were the counselors that the Army claims to be so proud of when Ebony was going through the darkest hours of post-partum depression?? You do not understand this mental illness so --- DO NOT JUDGE!! You have no place to ... period.
I know these two very very well - I've watched them grow from kids. They are not evil, nor incompetent. They haven't made any worse mistakes than any of the rest of us. Wouldn't some kindness and compassion go a lot further in actual help then all these destructive comments?? So sorry you didn't get the love from your parents that you thought you deserved. :P Back off and instead, go look in your own mirrors (and closets) and when you can truly say there is nothing at all wrong with you and you are perfect .... then post your comments! Unless you actually are truly perfect and have no flaws and no skeletons .... STFU!!

922 days ago


Stay at Home with Your Kids & Earn a Healthy Full-Time Income!

921 days ago


Well I heard the downfall unexcusable to some was bc they had a long term pregnancy that ended heart go out to them. Not a day goes by that I don't think about them...

919 days ago


Isn't he the one in the military? They probably figure that the government will pay all medical and the more kids you have the higher the income, so why not rite?

916 days ago


What's the big shocker? If she wasn't an idiot, she wouldn't have been on the show in the first place.

909 days ago


Good luck you guys cause raising kids is hard... I have 4 and yes I am black they are all healthy and go to a good school so just keep on doing the right thing and you will get your 1st child back. I wish one of you racist mother****ers got something to say cause ya'll ain't doing no better... I LOVE MY COLOR

906 days ago


its our5 fault for putting her ass in the can see that are trying to make money

903 days ago

Nina Van Cartier    

Shouldn't they worry about the child they already lost because they were bad parents before being so careless as to bring another child into the world, who will just end up in foster care? Some parents really should have thought their kids better then to allow them to grow up like this.

902 days ago



902 days ago


That's what happen when a whore does not support abortion.. it is all the church or crutch..fault you decide

900 days ago


Ebony is mixed and Josh is white so all the racial comments are pretty stupid!

897 days ago

Laura Y.    

Do the words BIRTH CONTROLL for both people mean anything to young people.

896 days ago
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