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Melissa Etheridge's Ex-GF

I Can't Live on $23,000 a Month!

4/9/2012 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge
's ex-GF Tammy Lynn Michaels claims she's barely scraping by on the $23,000 a month Melissa currently pays her in partner and child support -- and now, she wants a massive raise ... this according to new court docs obtained by TMZ.

Tammy just filed the papers in the couple's infamously bitter separation claiming Melissa makes roughly $177,882.00 PER MONTH ... and got Tammy accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle while they were together ... so the $23k is incredibly unfair.

Tammy -- a former actress -- also claims she has "virtually no savings" and would need "extensive retraining" if she were to rejoin the workforce.

Tammy claims Melissa is also brainwashing the kids -- training them to be emotionally distant and rude to Tammy ... and now they won't even give her a hug. 

Tammy also accuses Melissa of cursing around the children -- including one instance ... when she told Tammy to "get the f**k off my back" in front of the kids. According to Tammy, Melissa also refuses to let the kids get vaccinated.

As for the reason behind the mudslinging -- Tammy and Melissa are headed into a settlement conference in May to determine support and custody issues ... so it's important for Tammy to demonstrate she's the better mom.

On top of increased support, Tammy also wants Melissa to pay her $120,000 legal bill. Calls to Melissa were not returned.


No Avatar

Asian 101    

Speaking as a divorced father of 2 ....Lesbians... welcome to our H*LL!!!!

906 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Hell, $23,000 can last me 2 years. Don't know wth this lady is spending it on.

906 days ago


Wow, If she can't live and raise the kids very comfortably on 23 grand a month then that's just to damn bad for Tammy!!! Soo many other people would be very happy just making 3 grand a month, which they are actually working for, much less almost 8 times that for doing absolutely nothing.

906 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yes. Whenever one of these hookers cries that they can't live for one month on more than a lot of people make in a year, it sure makes you want to smack a bitch and punch babies.

906 days ago


Sounds like a Classic case of parental alienation. Details on that are here

906 days ago


As for child support, it's a Math issue based on time with kids and income.

Math details on that are here

906 days ago


Another parasite trying to live of other person work and effort! Get a job damn it! 23,000 is not enough because she is accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle WTF!

906 days ago


I make that in a year, stop your bitching and get a job like the rest of us

906 days ago


Extensive retraining????? Ur ass shouldve been saving up... U think just cause u run out of money u can go after her to get more? Can I say gold digger!!!!!

906 days ago


Even dyykes are known to Diicck each other around.

906 days ago


Extensive retraining?? I don't think you need a PhD to re-enter the job market. I am sure she can answers phones or flip a burger. She is 37 years old! Grow up!

906 days ago


welcome to straight peoples problem.. see you had it good and now you guys went and ****ed up and got suckered into the shame of marriage and now look..

906 days ago


LMAO! Wanted marriage now pay the price like the rest of the world.

906 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well? then marry A MAN! next time. like a REAL WOMAN. gah.

906 days ago


Honestly, all of those things are just standard in a divorce. They're bigger numbers, so it seems more extravagant, but in any divorce you set the mark high and then negotiate to the middle. "Extensive retraining," "accustomed to a lifestyle" are typical terms. You're trying to make a story ouyt of nothing, as usual.

906 days ago
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