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Amanda Bynes

History of EXTREME Inebriation


4/10/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes drinks ... A LOT ... despite claims from her father that she doesn't imbibe ... and TMZ has video proof of the actress drunkenly stumbling out of a club just a few weeks before her DUI arrest.

Despite the fact she was busted for drunk driving last week, Amanda's father told, "I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn't drink."

But TMZ knows Bynes has been frequenting the Hollywood club scene recently ... and on March 22, she appeared so wasted on her way out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, she needed TWO FRIENDS to hold her upright so she could get to her car.

Thankfully ... she played it safe and didn't drive that night.

But on March 17, a seemingly inebriated Amanda didn't play it safe at all.  We got video of the actress stumbling out of Greystone Manor ... then getting behind the wheel of her car and driving away, despite pleas from our photog to let a sober person drive.

Of course, Bynes was arrested on April 6 ... after police say she was so drunk, she crashed into a cop car at 3 AM.

Sorry Mr. Bynes ... your daughter drinks ... and she needs help.


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Tigers Wood    

Why does the Bar keep serving these people until they are so drunk to walk. TIPS is a training course for servers, they have to take this course to help lower the insurance cost of the bar. They learn when to spot intoxication and to prevent it. Otherwise the bar is open to losing its license, being sued, and other problems. It looks like these bars are not following these procedures and should be fined or shut down.
It seems the bars are turning out to be the enablers.
The TMZ photogs hanging out at the bars also, why do they not try to help and prevent loss of life also from these people.

924 days ago


A lot of people go thru a party phase, she just has to do it in the public eye. She made a mistake about driving drunk, but you guys handle this stuff like these people are animals.

924 days ago


I think you're reaching with that video, TMZ. I don't her stumbling out of a club. I see her walking with her arm around 2 friends. She doesn't look like she's depending on them to stand up and she looks fine when she's the car. Maybe she does have a problem but that video doesn't prove it.

And if you were so concerned about her drinking then why did it take until she was arrested to post any of these videos?

924 days ago

Just Karen    

She could of sprained her ankle, maybe that's why she was limping and everyone thought she was staggering and she actually wasn't. Lighten up on Amanda!!! IF SHE SAYS SHE DOESN'T DRINK, SHE DOESN'T DRINK!!!!!

924 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Dad, get out of denial. Your daughter drinks, your daughter lies about it, that's a problem. Don't take personally, just help her before she kills herself or somebody else.

924 days ago


Mr. Byrnes here are a few consequences of ENABLING your daughter and denying she drinks, of course I bet you drink too and deny it. By continuing to get that wasted Amanda not only damages her career, what's left of it, but her health, specifically her liver. Looks like that has already happened though since her tolerance seems to be diminishing by the minute, one of the big signs she's in trouble. Don't deny, provide help and love. Alcoholism is a DISEASE.

924 days ago


I'm the mother of 2 and I will never understand parents who refuse to admit there is anything less than perfect about their child. That their kid would NEVER do anything wrong. Listen people, if the teacher says your kid did something bad, chances are they did. If the cops say your kid is a drunk, they most certainly are.

924 days ago


I'm wondering, is a career in pornography very far off?

924 days ago


thats what happens in Hollywood when you have NO TALENT!

924 days ago


She needs rehab STAT. She's lucky she didn't kill herself-or anyone else...

924 days ago


She's young - nothing 'wrong' or scandalous about her being out at 3am drinking. But it's not ok for her to keep driving herself to and from the club when she knows she's going to get wasted. I'm pretty sure she can afford a $50 cab ride home.

924 days ago


Its Howdy Drewdy time

924 days ago

Tigers Wood    

My Mom doesn't think I drink either.

924 days ago


Didn't Amanda retire from being an actress to become a drunk good choice. Keep up the good work California needs more people like you. Is drinking and driving even against the law anymore not only in california but everywhere people know that they will do no jail time for DUI that is why drunks keep doing it dont threaten to take the licence take the car and auction the car off and generate money for the states they do it with proprty of drug dealers so why not drunks.

924 days ago


To you who think the photog should have done more to stop her from driving... short of risking his own safety and/or criminal charges, by physically preventing her from getting in her car - he did the best he could.
He's a pap for f*cks sake, so confronting celebs is a bit different than it is for the valet or some random concerned citizen.
So, props to the social parasite who was the only one (between her pals, club staff, passersby...) who did the right thing and said that she wasn't fit to drive - even though encouraging safe and responsible behaviour:
a)means possibly losing a juicy story
b)won't make him popular with the celeb - neither of which are good for his career and which is why everyone else stayed quiet.
He should get an award.

924 days ago
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