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One Direction

Sued by Same-Name Band


4/10/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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British boy band One Direction is being sued by a much lesser known American band -- also called One Direction -- and now, the Americans are out for blood ... demanding the Brits change their name.

The U.S. One Direction just filed the lawsuit, claiming they formed in 2009 -- an entire year before the UK band members even knew each other -- and have since developed a considerable following this side of the Atlantic.

In addition to building a reputation around the name, the Americans claim they also beat the Brits in a race to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- filing a trademark application for "One Direction" long before their UK counterparts.

Now, the Americans are asking for a court order -- requiring the Brits to change their name.

The Americans are also suing Simon Cowell's record label and Sony Music -- demanding more than $1 million in damages.

The British band -- which was formed by Simon Cowell in 2010 while members competed on the UK "X Factor" -- has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

A lawyer for the UK band tells TMZ, the group plans to fight back -- claiming, “[British] One Direction’s lawyers now have no choice but to defend the lawsuit and the band’s right to use their name.”


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Ella shepherd    

Im not even gonna argue, because the american band One Direction, it just doing this for more popularity and fame, they are never gonna win, so why even bother, if they knew what was right for them the would give up now!!!!!!!

891 days ago


Wtf? maybe the U.S. band should change their name since they're less popular!!

891 days ago


1 problem in the US boy bands claims - they went for a US patent and trademark which is valid on in the US. The only way they can force someone else to change their name is if they get a patent and trademark which is valid worldwide. As such unless they do this in every country they can only force One Direction UK to change their name when they visit and tour around the US.
No brainer there really. Sorry fella's but unfortunately you lose out. As there are plenty of bands by the same name in multiple countries and unless your smart - you will eventually lose out.

891 days ago


the other 1D need to chance theirs not u.k

891 days ago


Both bands are equally talented. Just because one band made it to the top faster does not take away legal rights to the name. Whoever trademarked the name first has the legal rights. Anyone can view it, US ONE DIRECTION HAS THE LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE NAME! its in bold print on the US PATENT AND TRADEMARK WEBSITE! this does not give them to rights to step all over the smaller band because they have simon cowell on their side.

891 days ago


No offence to the U.S. One Direction, but you just made a billion girls hate you before they even heard of you and your music...way to crush a potential fan base. No way the U.K. One Direction will change their name (they're actually famous now), maybe the U.S. One Direction should have thought about changing their name since their not known. And it's not like people have never thought of putting the two words 'one' and 'direction' together; it's not like the U.S. group discovered fire or invented the wheel by putting those two words together.

I also heard they were suing for U.K. 1D for profits from their debut album/other merchandise. didn't contribute to any of the songs on the album and now you feel entitled to profits just because you share the same name.

891 days ago


u.s one direction? Never heard of them, please go back doing your day job!

891 days ago


Echos of Wham!/Wham! UK

891 days ago


U.k One Direction is Was Better Than U.s ,
I Bet The U.k Has WAY More Fans Then U.s Has Ever Had .
I've NEVER Heard The U.s One Direction . But There No where as good as U.k One direction. so i think u.k 1D Should Keep The Name And U.s NEEDS TO CHANGE IT (:

891 days ago


Yeah, Americans Change You're Name , The Name Best Fits The Brits <3

891 days ago


One Direction 'US' has never been heard of before! One Direction 'UK' is much better!! What a surprise! The US band has 5 members as well!! 1d ROCKS!!!

891 days ago


wow, funny since i've never heard of the American One Direction since a few weeks ago. There just jealous that the UK One Direction are more popular then they will ever be.

891 days ago


They filed with the *US* Patent office. The famous One Direction are British. Wouldn't they both be able to use the name since a US patent does not cover any other countries? And if I'm incorrect, Simon Cowell will probably just buy the name off of the US One Direction for a few million. The US One Direction just want to use the incredible and sudden fame of the UK 1D to get their band out there and get noticed.

891 days ago


i don't get why both UK and US one direction gets stupid pointless hate based on looks what it should be is the music i think one of then should just add a "." (period) just to get **** over with

891 days ago

Ace Maximus    

What's the difference? Even the dudes look exactly the same. Same stupid hair same dumb shirts, same dumb vests and leather jackets... There is only " o n e d i r e c t i o n "
these two bands with the same name are traveling and I think our friend Sean hit the nail on the head. Hah aha.

891 days ago
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