Liam Payne Dancing & Groovin' to Michael Jackson Before Bar Bouncer Tussle

be careful of what you do

Liam Payne was one with Michael Jackson before he allegedly got manhandled by a bouncer at a Texas bar ... which is a shame, 'cause he was killin' it on the dance floor.

The former One Direction singer proved just how much of a showman he really is Friday night at the Silver Fox in San Antonio -- where he and his 19-year-old Instagram model girlfriend, Maya Henry, were out having a good time before things turned ugly with the staff.

Eyewitnesses tell us it was piano night at the joint, and at one point ... MJ's "Billie Jean" came on, and Liam didn't hesitate to get up and bust a move. He did a bit more than that, though, as you can see here in video we got of him doing his best Michael.

He moonwalks, spins and even does the freakin' splits all with relative ease -- dude's a natural-born performer, obviously. Looks like he was content with his performance too.

Unfortunately, the night went south soon after that.


TMZ broke the story ... Liam appeared to get into an altercation outside with at least one of the bouncers, who wasn't letting him in. In the clip, Liam implies he was pushed by one of them -- and it looks like his shirt confirms that too. It was covered in dirt.

At first, we were told this might have had something to do with his underage GF, but we've now been told differently. Witnesses say Liam had gone in and out of the bar several times that night for smoke breaks and such -- but his last attempt to reenter got halted.

We're told the bouncers asked him for ID -- Liam's 26 years old, BTW -- and he apparently became upset with the request, seeing how he'd already been there for a while.

The rest, as you know, is history ... hopefully one that he and everyone else can forget about.

Liam Payne Faces Off with Texas Bar Bouncers ... After Alleged Push

Exclusive Details

Liam Payne got into a shouting match with some bouncers who were NOT down to let him and his underage girlfriend into a bar ... and, allegedly, things got physical.

The former One Direction singer was in San Antonio Friday night with his Instagram model GF, Maya Henry -- who's reportedly only 19 years old. As you can see in this video, things got a little feisty when they ended up at a bar called the Silver Fox.

Witnesses tell us Liam and Maya were able to get in at first -- having been recognized by others -- but later came this dust-up with security. In this clip, you see Liam -- who's wearing a white shirt with a bunch of dirt on his back -- trying to come face-to-face with a bouncer, or possibly several. He's being held back, and at one point you hear him say, "Don't f***ing push me again. I swear to God I'll lay your ass out."

Witnesses tell us Liam was, in fact, pushed to the ground -- hence the dirt on his back -- after he and Maya left and tried to reenter the bar. We're told security stopped them because of Maya's age, and when Liam tried forcing his way in ... he allegedly got shoved to the ground and followed up with this.

Eventually, we're told Liam and co. decided to leave on their own. Police were not called.

He took to Instagram to claim he'd been "jumped" by three of the bouncers there, tagging the establishment and threatening to take them to court. He's since deleted that post.

BTW, Maya's from the San Antonio area, so it looks like Liam was in town celebrating Thanksgiving with her.

We've reached out to both parties, including Liam's team ... so far, no word back.

Fun fact: Maya's family is kind of a big deal in San Antonio. Her dad is personal injury attorney Thomas J. Henry, who hired Pitbull and Nick Jonas to perform at Maya's quinceanera!!

Soooo, pretty sure Liam knows where to find a lawyer if his neck's feeling a little stiff after scrapping with the bouncers.

Stevie Nicks Harry Styles Was in 'NYSNC, Right??? Slip-Up On Her Big Night


Stevie Nicks just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a second time ... but that doesn't mean she's an expert on music history.

We got this funny video of Stevie after Friday night's induction ceremony at the Barclays Center in New York ... and she mistakenly refers to her good friend Harry Styles as a former member of 'NSYNC. Oops.

It was just a slip of the tongue though ... as the crowd laughs and groans, Stevie immediately recognizes her mistake. She jokes she's "never gonna live that one down" and finally gets it right ... Harry's in One Direction.

Making the innocent faux pas even funnier ... Harry was the one who introduced Stevie on stage earlier in the evening, listing off her accomplishments and calling her his idol.

It's okay, Stevie ... everyone makes mistakes. We still love you!!!

Harry Styles My Face is Fit to Be Tatted on Singer's Cheek

This is NOT what they mean by turn the other cheek -- but a New Zealand-born singer couldn't pass on getting Harry Styles all over her face.

Singer Kelsy Karter carved out some serious real estate on her cheek for an in-your-face tattoo of the former One Direction singer's pretty mug. The 26-year-old called it a birthday gift for Harry, who turns 25 on Friday. Thing is ... it's unclear if she actually knows Harry but one thing's for damn sure -- she's hell-bent on working with him.

The New Zealand singer -- who has dubbed herself the musical female version of Harry -- once reportedly said, "Mark my words: I'm getting a song on his album."

She's so obsessed with Harry, her first post on IG is a video of him performing onstage ... and she just released a song entitled, "Harry."

Kelsy got the ink work done in L.A. over the weekend and posted the results with the caption, "Mama, look what I made me do." An L.A. artist named Romeo Lacoste did the honors, but c'mon ... Harry's better looking than that!

Tongue in cheek? Maybe, but definitely ink on cheek.

The Chainsmokers' Andrew Taggart Mistaken for Liam Payne But Hilariously Plays Along!!!


Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers never again has to wonder what it's like to walk in Liam Payne's shoes ... he got a very funny glimpse of the 1D life, and thankfully cameras were rolling.

Andrew was outside Craig's Wednesday night in WeHo and posed for selfies with several fans who were apparently under the impression he's the guy who used to be in One Direction.

Paps played along, too ... peppering Andrew with questions like, when's 1D getting back together?! But, you gotta see how he got his partner, Alex Pall, in the game.

Liam Payne Turns On Rita Ora, Radio DJs ... With 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Liam Payne's voice doesn't just turn on Rita Ora ... he left at least 3 dudes speechless with his seductive reading of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Liam and Rita were guests Wednesday on London's KISS radio. The two recorded a single together called "For You" for the new 'Fifty Shades' flick, so the radio DJ's asked him to read an excerpt from the book.

Liam didn't just do it, he slayed to the point where if the solo thing doesn't pan out, there's no doubt the 1Der's got a career reading books on tape.

Harry Styles Stepfather Dead After Cancer Battle

Harry Styles' stepfather has passed away after battling cancer.

Robin Twist died earlier this week from cancer, according to Harry's reps. He married Harry's mother, Anne Cox, in 2013 where Harry served as best man.

Robin helped raise Harry and his sister, Gemma, through their teenage years, including through Harry's time on "The X Factor" ... which launched his and the rest of One Direction's career.

Robin leaves behind Harry's family as well as 2 other kids from another marriage.

He was 57. RIP.

Louis Tomlinson Will NOT Be Criminally Charged In LAX Paparazzi Fight


Louis Tomlinson will NOT be charged with criminal battery in connection with an airport scuffle last month ... TMZ has learned.

The One Direction singer will go to the L.A. City Attorney's Office for an informal hearing, where both sides are invited to present their version of events and a hearing officer will advise the parties how they should conduct themselves in the future ... but no criminal charges will be filed.

TMZ broke the story ... Louis was arrested after a photog and a woman claimed Louis struck them in baggage claim. The photog and woman made a citizen's arrest.

Our sources say since the incident several LAX employees came forward and told authorities Louis never intentionally struck the photog or woman. And the employees said the woman was attacking Louis' girlfriend at the time he confronted her.

The City Attorney's Office hearing will be held at the end of this month.


Louis Tomlinson He Punched Me, a Girl, in the Face ... Alleged Victim Claims


Louis Tomlinson did more than scrap with a paparazzo -- he also slugged the female witness square in the eye ... according to her.

Ana Becerra gave her side of the airport brawl, claiming she became a victim when Louis' gf went on the attack. She claims Louis jumped in to break things up, and she was shocked when he popped her in the face.

Becerra showed her injuries, allegedly from the fight and says she's planning to sue based on one simple principle -- men shouldn't hit women.

We broke the story ... Louis got into it with a paparazzo who was shooting the 1Der's gf, and then fought off Becerra -- who admits she too was shooting video with her phone.

Louis was arrested for battery and his case is in the hands of the L.A. City Attorney.


Louis Tomlinson Battery Case Sent to Prosecutors


Louis Tomlinson's fate in the battery investigation now rests with the L.A. City Attorney.

We've learned cops sent the case file to the prosecutor's office Tuesday, and the City Attorney will now review it for possible criminal prosecution.

As we reported, Louis allegedly attacked a paparazzo Friday night at LAX after the singer claimed the pap was harassing his girlfriend. A woman on the scene also claims Louis attacked her.

The City Attorney could file 2 separate misdemeanor batteries, each of which carries a maximum 6-month sentence.

The Howard Stern Show, SiriusXM

People familiar with the case file say there's a complication with prosecuting Louis. The photog -- Karl Larsen -- was interviewed by Howard Stern a few years back and gloated about his confrontation with Mel Gibson, boasting his plan was to berate Gibson into going nuclear. The video of the incident doesn't show what happened before the confrontation, and the Stern interview could turn the jury.

The strong likelihood ... there will be an informal hearing in the City Attorney's Office where Louis will promise not to do it again. He could be ordered to take a few anger management classes, but that would probably be it.


Liam Payne Close Call at Club ... Shots Fired


Liam Payne dodged a bullet this weekend when shots rang out at a club popular among celebs.

Liam was at The Peppermint Club in WeHo Saturday night when a guy showed up and tried to get in with a fake ID. He got into it with security, made his way to the parking lot and fired shots in the air just outside the club. The guy escaped and is still on the loose.

We're told clubgoers inside heard the shots and freaked out. They stayed put and began tweeting like crazy. One woman tweeted, "Shooting @ the peppermint club. I'm f***ing shaking right now."

Cops found multiple shell casings when they arrived. As for Liam, we're told he left about half an hour after the shots rang out. Probably not his best night ever.


1D's Niall Horan The Pink Slip?

Niall Horan looked like he knew he had just let a giant cat out of the bag leaving one of L.A.'s most expensive baby stores with a basket of pink stuff.

Niall's old 1D bandmate, Liam Payne, and his partner, Cheryl Cole, are reportedly expecting in early 2017, but haven't revealed the sex of their baby. Naturally 1D fans jumped to the conclusion the girly stuff Niall's toting is for the couple.

Of course, it's possible the basket is for someone else ... after all, it is the holidays and Liam and Cheryl are hunkered down in London.

Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole They Don't Know About Us ... Expecting?

Liam Payne is either about to be a dad, or his gf had way too much food and beer before enjoying Christmas carols.

The 23-year-old One Direction singer and Cheryl Cole, from Girls Aloud, showed up together Tuesday at the St James Christmas Carol Concert in London -- and it sure looks like something's in the oven.

The couple isn't commenting yet about the baby rumors ... or about what she had for dinner.

Justin Bieber Fast Times With Usain Bolt


Justin Bieber got down with the fastest man on Earth to celebrate a movie about the Olympian ... and he was anything but sorry to be partying with the champ.

Bieber was in London Monday night and showed up to an after-party following a screening of "I Am Bolt" -- a documentary about Usain Bolt's journey to the Rio Olympics.

Unclear if the Biebs saw the film itself, but he definitely raged with the man of the hour afterward.

One Direction's Liam Payne was there for the screening and party too, but was reportedly on the opposite side of the room ... meaning he missed out on the Bolt/Bieber selfies.

Louis Tomlinson Baby Mama Keeping Me from My Son I Want Joint Custody


Louis Tomlinson has had it with his baby mama denying him access to his child, so he's now going to court to seek joint custody ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Briana Jungwirth has been "inconsistent" in giving Louis access to 5-month-old Freddie Reign ... especially recently.

Louis wants to be a real father and present in Freddie's life, so he's going to court not just seeking joint physical and legal custody, but a 50/50 split in terms of the division of time each spends with their son.

The One Direction singer, we're told, is paying Briana around $15k a month in child support, and a judge will now set whatever amount is deemed appropriate. Louis is also renting a $1 million house for Briana and the kid in Calabasas.

Louis Tomlinson to Girlfriend Let Me Get That Bikini Top For You

One day Louis Tomlinson is changing diapers, the next he's sippin' Pacifico and taking off his girlfriend's bikini top in the Mexican sunshine.

Louis took a break from dad duties with 4-month-old Freddie for a vacay with girlfriend Danielle Campbell, who needed his help getting rid of her tan lines.

Being a member of One Direction makes Louis totally qualified to remove tops. Seriously, dude's a pro at this point.