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Howard Stern Fans

Take Over 'America's Got Talent'

4/10/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Howard Stern's army of fans are taking over "America's Got Talent" -- and judge Howie Mandel called in to tell us how the chaos is changing things up this season. Howie also addressed rumors about tension between himself and Stern.

Also ... Lisa Lampanelli joined us to explain why she's NOT apologizing for using a racial slur to describe her "Celebrity Apprentice" co-star Dayana Mendoza. Plus, why Heidi Klum and Seal's divorce could go nuclear -- and Beyonce's swimsuit makes Charles put his foot in his mouth. Big time.   TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic

(0:30) Heidi and Seal's divorce is about to get nasty -- because a fight is brewing over their kids ... and money.
(5:30) Lisa Lampanelli calls in -- and not only refuses to apologize for calling her fellow "Apprentice" cast member a racial slur ... she rips her even more.
(11:31) Howie Mandell calls in to talk about the madness cause by Howard Stern fans at "Talent" auditions.
(16:10) Amanda Bynes's dad really believes she doesn't drink.
(20:01) Alec Baldwin's stalker story ... getting weirder.
(23:21) "DWTS" latest injury -- is it a big fake? One of the dancers suggests it's being overblown.
(25:41) LiLo threatens to go after her accuser.
(30:34) Jim Belushi ... the new Armie Hammer.
(33:10) Octomom's life threatened.
(39:23) Beyonce's post-baby bod ... may get Charles in big trouble.


No Avatar


Lisa,s over the top insult comedy just went to far.

928 days ago


Wait....wasnt it lisa.. miss feminist...talking smack about arsidio (spelled that wrong) then she goes on a racist and sexist rant.....she just want attention, good or bad it doesnt matter.

928 days ago

Jay W.     

Lisa is all about the shock value. She's always over the top.

928 days ago


When will we ever get our beloved old TMZ Live back? It was so much better before Sirius and now whatever you guys are doing. Watching the playback of TMZ Live at 10pm at the end of my day was always the highlight. Now, I can barely make it through one over-produced episode. You know the expression, "if its not broken, don't fix it!" Sad.

928 days ago


Lampanelli uses racism to sell herself

928 days ago


I can't believe the way you all just sat there while that fat racist ugly bitch justified her use of racial and ethnic slurs. I don't ever want to see another story on TMZ about someone saying something about gays or Jews. Harvey obviously has no problem with hate speech.

928 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Howie speak calmly via phone. When he's on live with Kelly he seems to be hyper and annoying. Howie is probably is his bathroom wearing his shorts that has the words moist in the back.. He talked about this on live.

928 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Howie if you're so OCD like you say you are why would you be on the phone with TMZ on the phone being that bathroom are the worst place to even be in public? Bacteria galore...

928 days ago

Flying Blind    

It's the ole Blonde and the Brick, when you lay a Brick, it doesn't follow you around for 3 days.

928 days ago


I LOVE Howard! He'll be the best thing to happen to "AGT". For one thing, I'll actually watch the show now - lol!
Can't wait...

928 days ago


Melissa Gilbert hit her head on Mak's knee at the end of the dance, that is why he fell. If you slow down the video you can see it happen.

928 days ago

marathon runner    

Howard Stern is such a sellout..After years of criticizing celebrities that do these shows (listen to his comments about Steven Tyler who's on AI), he takes this show...With his radio ratings on Sirius in the dumper, there is no doubt he is trying to make himself relevant again and buy a career for his no talent wife...

928 days ago


And for those of you who say shes a comedian and has the right to use racial jokes on ppl, let me tell you this. 1) that radio interview was as personal as it could get, 2) I didnt see any tickets being sold for that "show", 3) why cant be just call black ppl ******s and not be called racist and having to apologize to them? so She could call hispanics SPICS and walk freely? I dont think so. You have to respect cultures and ppl. stereotypes are a cancer that breaks our society apart. We are all equal on the inside. This BITCH has been ranting on Dayana and Patricia since the beginning of the show, then she passed on to Lou and mocking his disability. What a tramp, she should look at her self in a mirror

928 days ago


"Too" far? Geez TMZ... editor please?

928 days ago

Chris Spata    

I read this headline on Yahoo!: "Howard Stern already turning AGT into the Howard Stern show" Here's a little preview of what Howard is up to over there (spoilers):

928 days ago
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