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Lindsay Lohan

Hotel Worker Says

'I Saw Her Get in THAT Fight'

4/12/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A man who worked at the Standard Hotel the night Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a woman claims he saw Lindsay there, and even broke up the fight.

TMZ broke the story ... Marisa Dugas went to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and filed an incident report, claiming she was at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard Thursday night when she approached Lindsay's table and started talking to a guy, and Lindsay allegedly pushed and shoved her. Lindsay insists she was at home the entire evening.

The man who worked that night tells TMZ ... he saw Lindsay in Smoke and Mirrors sitting with a group of people. He says Marisa sat down near them and began speaking with one of the guys. The man says people in the group started throwing ice at her. Marisa got upset and a scuffle erupted. He says Lindsay was part of the scuffle and he broke it up.

The guy says the woman was escorted out of the club, where she cried hysterically and then said Lindsay hurt her, but she refused medical attention.

There are no pictures that have surfaced of Lindsay at the Standard Thursday night, but the man says there is a surveillance video showing the back of the hotel, where Lindsay pulled in and later left. We have confirmed the man has spoken with cops, although we do not know how much detail he divulged.

Sources tell us the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel -- but hotel management is refusing to give it up. It's unclear why.

Detectives are still investigating the alleged incident.


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923 days ago


Once a lying, thieving, piece of trash, ALWAYS a lying, thieving piece of trash.

923 days ago


"L.A. County Sheriff's Department has already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel -- but hotel management is refusing to give it up." LOL

923 days ago


Habiitual liar. What, she stayed in her small, skanky CM room at caught up on TV? That's when they lost me because she is never that innocent. The truth will come out eventually. Never buy a word this woman says though. I know Hoing and all of Lohan Inc will call bull on this one, but wait and see.

923 days ago


Lindsay was not there. It was an illusion.
It was *removes dark sunglasses*
Smoke and Mirrors O-v-O

923 days ago


What's with these 1 a.m. stories about Lohan? Why not in the middle of the day?

923 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

We will always back you up Lindsay, even if you did whoop that b@*ch's a$$.

923 days ago

The Gay Nazis For Jesus     

Linsay punched one of us in the stomach and it was awesome.

923 days ago


Does this really surprise anybody? It's Lindsay Lohan.. queen of never owning up to anything initially and blaming everybody else for everything bad that happens to her.
She's so full of s***. I love how she went on the Today Show recently and told Matt Lauer how going out to clubs and bars was no longer her thing.. that she just likes to stay home now and read and yet two or three times since that interview she's gotten her ass into trouble because she did some dumb s*** out at a bar/club. Idiot has-been.

923 days ago


If Lindsay wasn't there, she'll have nothing to worry about. BUT IF she's lying again, it'll be just one more nail in her coffin. I'd be so amazed if she pulls off this Liz Taylor movie without incident, and it's halfway watchable! LOL!

923 days ago

Fat Mike    

What a load of crap. Whoever posts these stories about Lindsay at midnight every night obviously has it out for her. And that must be why this person keeps on removing all the comments supporting Lindsay.
Did she knock you back? Grow up, d**khead!

923 days ago


What happened to that female that looks like Lindsay who tried to set her up by ordering alcohol at a restaurant and sold the pictures to TMZ?

923 days ago

just because    

i smell BS like the house party movie trio who smells people

923 days ago


A few days ago when TMZ talked to 8 witnsses who confirmed Lindsay wasn't there and no altercation occured, haters said TMZ were telling lies because hotel workers wouldn't talk because they would lose their jobs. Now they believe one guy, a hotel worker, who comes forward nearly a week after the alleged incident. Not only that but he contacts TMZ first LMAO!

Its odd he comes forward AFTER the name of Marissa Dugas has been released, a little get together between the two? LOL Someone should remind him its a felony to give a false statement to the police punishable with 6 months jail.

TMZ you know this is all BS, I hope the Standard do release the tapes and prove Lindsays innocence. Unfortunately it might show a certain OTHER person leaving the club in a bad drunken state.

923 days ago

Good riddance!    

AHAHA! It sure didn't take long! As soon as they cut the leash this bitch went out and bite someone. Again.

923 days ago
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