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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson Made My Son

Fear for His Life

4/13/2012 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_ eszterhas_videoJoe Eszterhas says Mel Gibson's behavior in Costa Rica was so threatening ... Eszterhas' son slept with a butcher knife under his bed because he was so afraid of what Mel might do.

Eszterhas, speaking with the "Today" show this morning, told Ann Curry that Mel said the "vilest and most threatening things" he's ever heard while Eszterhas and his family stayed with Mel in Costa Rica to work on a movie script, "The Maccabees."

Eszterhas went on to say that the staff at the house became so afraid of Mel ... they told their kids to go hide.

A portion of Mel's rants are on tape, as TMZ first reported, but Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them.

For his part, Gibson has denied most of the allegations, saying in a statement, "The great majority of the facts as well as the statements and actions attributed to me in [Eszterhas'] letter are utter fabrications."


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Oh good god. This loser nobody is suring milking his 15 minutes of fame. And there's only one reason a fame whore like him hasn't released the tapes: he's full of **** and there aren't any.

923 days ago


If there are tapes, then I am sure there are attorneys lined up to take the case. They will seek big payouts for 'emotional distress' and anything else they can think of. If there is a tape, then it would be best not to release it to the public, but let the matter proceed in a court of law.

923 days ago


Kids were told to run and hide, haven't we heard that before? Was it an Ipod or an IPhone? I may or may not release the tapes. My kid was walking with him when he taped him, now it is something different. I didn't go public, the Internet Rap got my letter somehow, it miracuously scanned itself to the Internet, Joe? My kid was so scared he slept with a knife but I stayed there anyhow. Blah Blah Blah Either Harvey and his writers are getting the story wrong, the story is being changed, embellished and written as Joe goes along while he cries about his bad script, or something because all the stories seem to have discrepancies. LOL I love how Mel supposedly hates the Beatles LOL

923 days ago

CA Girl    

If nothing else, I hope the Hollyweird studios - any of them - play close attention to Esterhaus and his handling of his disappointment, or whatever you want to call it. He will do the very same thing the next time around, assuming there ever is a "next time around" for him. Trying to destroy Mr. Gibson won't make his case any stronger. Maybe Mr. Esterhaus can have lunch sometime with Oksana - the woman from Netherworld. She's ready for the next one. Queuing up......

923 days ago


LOL@ SOMEHOW the Wrap got his 9 page letter and he doesn't know how.

It is no secret that Mel has some anger issues and admits it himself. However, this guy wants to act like Mel is this horrible human being with no integrity and yet he was willing to work with him and take his entire family into this dreadful situation knowing this. He never addressed any of this until Warner's rejected his script. I guess he didn't have the balls to scream at Warner's so he tries to humiliate and easy target that is half his size.

Get real buddy...sounds more like a scorned woman than any kind of a professional.

923 days ago


Joe you are a lousy lair and terrible writer... Is making Mel look bad..your claim to fame...your just mad because Passion of the Christ was a huge hit....

923 days ago


If this is true, then why would he stay there with his son if they felt threatened? I sure the hell wouldn't!

923 days ago


I have an issue with what this Joe is saying. If his son was so afraid for his life and if Mel was so horrible why did this Joe stick around Mel? Did he get his son and leave Costa Rica imeediately?? Blah Blah Blah Joe!!! Next story please!

923 days ago


Next up: Eszterputz blames Ox's sister for leaking the letter to The Wrap.

923 days ago


Why on earth would you stay somewhere where your son was not safe? If Mel is such a vile human being why would you do business with him, take your family down to his place, and tape him??? What kind of nutjob would keep his children around someone he was afraid of? A person who is lying, that's who. Not believing a word of this. Nope. Sorry, Mel has moved on, been a good father to Lucia, and has squared his situation with Russian gold-digger. This man is simply out to ruin Mel because of sour-grapes. God tapes? Then prove every single thing you are saying. You stay in a man's home, take his money, have your family around him even though you think he is nuts, and instead of trying to actually help this person you think is sick, you basically do all you can do to destroy him in public, and ruin whatever is left of his life.

Joe = LIAR. Don't believe you. Mel, brother, take your money, sell all, move to your paradise in Costa Rica, and kiss hollyweird goodbye. Find some peace. It truly is not worth it. If you go to the bathroom there is probably some nutcase taping you in the bathroom.

923 days ago


LOL, Tell! Oh -- and 'putzy' sent all BUT ONE! And it was just so that Mel could hear himself and how he gets...he was trying to help Mel.

923 days ago


...and I'm sure while Mel was spewing all of this, JE and son had their faces covered in saliva, whilst they sat there in terror as the house staff were telling their children to take cover...

Wonder where the part about Mel brandishing a gun comes in?

923 days ago


IF he really did tape Mel behind his back, then what a disgusting PIG he is. People have a right not to have their private words played to millions of people. Hope this pig does some jail time for eavesdropping.

923 days ago


Someone should ask the Gibson kids if they all slept with knives under the pillows. I doubt it.

923 days ago

get a life ho    

it seems Racist Mel has his rabid fan club posting like crazy ,,.,.almost as crazy as racist Mel is .,.,.

I predict Racist Mels next film will do as good as the Beaver which was so bad it should have gone direct to radio .,.,.,,lol

923 days ago
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