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Offered Free Security

Following Death Threats

4/14/2012 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death threats Octomom received after news broke she had gone on welfare were so bad ... that a few security companies have reached out to her offer up free protection services for her and her family ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo had her car window smashed in with a handwritten note that said, "Leave California or you will die!" The threats started after TMZ reported Octo began receiving $2,000 a month from the State of California, which could only be used for food.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ that numerous security companies have stepped up to offer her free protection. We're told they have offered 24/7 security guards, multiple people for the kids -- all for free until she moved to a new home, the location of which will be secret for as long as possible.

According to our sources, the companies told Octomom they were making the offer because they felt people had gone too far with their threatening behavior.


No Avatar


Ever consider that nut jon OctoWhore broke her own window?


Take a look at the note. Bet that paper could be traced backed to her house.


Strange how the note is hand written and OctoWHORE is the only person in America without a computer to print stuff out.


924 days ago


lmao! they are gonna guard the card board box she'll be living in!

924 days ago


I don't want to see the woman get hurt. On the other hand, she made the decision to have multiple children that she obviously could not afford. Now California tax payers are being forced to pay for her irresponsible decision. There has to be some sort of accountability for that.

924 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Great, now Uterus Gosselin will want 24 hour protection.

924 days ago


I think TMZ should pay the bill.

924 days ago


She had all that work done to look like angelina and she looks GROSS...Better luck next time. But I don't wish her death..oh and by work I mean fertility (fake multiples) and her face...........

924 days ago


Do her a favor Harvey and when she moves don't report where she's living. She's made some poor decisions but she and ,especially, her children should feel safe in their own home. Just leave the woman alone already.

924 days ago


What is wrong with people ... she is a mom with 14 kids to take care of ... I can't even comprehend that but she is trying. I am glad she is getting some help ... leave her alone!

924 days ago


who cares they both are the bottom of the barrel They deserve themselves!

924 days ago

kim f    

Perhaps TMZ should not post news about her getting welfare. That is a confidential fact, and TMZ was irresponsible printing it, knowing the backlash and potential danger to her kids.

924 days ago


I think shes stagging this for attention ...she probably broke into her own car an of course hopping someone will feel sorry for her an help her out ...

924 days ago


I call B.S. They are doing it for publicity and free advertising. Who are they kidding? To play that under the guise that they just feel bad for her is ridiculous and not many buy it.

924 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

I don't approve of death threats being made against anybody. That being said, I can't help but notice that the handwriting in that note (as shown on TMZ) is remarkably similar to other known examples of Octomom's handwriting which have appeared on the 'net.

924 days ago


Better yet the kid's need to be removed from this nut job. Can't believe they haven't been already.She had enough money to put away till those kids were in college. BUT what did she do with it all ?? Spend it ON HERSELF !
People say the kid's need to eat, it isn't the kid's fault bla bla bla.Once she spend all that money on HERSELF the nutjob she is, and their was no money left than the kid's should of been taken away. FOURTEEN kid's !! And the nutjob single handedly is raising them ???? If I was a CA tax payer I would be livid !!! I'm surprised the number of heart attact's hasn't sky rocketed in CA.

She was looking to become famous, have her own show ect. ect.People need to stop watching all those crap TV show's with these litter's of kid's ! And by the way I think those Dungar's with all those kid's especially the mother is a nutjob ! What a attention whore.

924 days ago


Where are the TMZ stories on the Police investigation on the alleged death threats and window break of her car. Were the police called or is this just a publicity stunt to keep her relivant.

924 days ago
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