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Hillary Clinton

The Secretary of PARTYING

4/15/2012 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary Clinton partying and dancingIn a move more reminiscent of something her husband Bill might do, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was photographed last night dancing and knocking back a beer at a club in Cartagena, Colombia.

Clinton, in town for Summit of the Americas, showed up at a bar called La Havana at around 12:45 AM and stayed for about 30 minutes.

According to a local paper, Clinton and her party of 12 ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water. 

Hillary Clinton drinking beer in ColombiaNice to see Hillary let loose a little.

Hillary was photographed the day after her Colombian beer session, looking real worn -- the pic is pretty great.


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Thats Great haha I would drink a beer with her.
Everyone deserves the right to live and have fun

922 days ago


good for her shes old enough

922 days ago

oh please...    

50. Dave: 10 hours ago

Hillary the Liar..."women make less than men for the same work"....Lie.
Men make more for logging and construction and oil rig work and myriad other high danger, life risking extreme manual labor jobs, that women won't sign up for.
Men represent over 90% of work place fatalities. Ninety. Percent. Life risking work = very high pay.

And men sign up to work weekends, over time, and graveyard shifts, most women won't. Men make more money because they *earn* it.
Hillary and Bill both have the puffy, worn faces of alcoholics and drug abusers, party life is their norm.
Thank God the voters didn't put this man hating, misandric, egotistical, lying, thieving, murderous woman in charge of our country.
We'd all be dead if this coked up, drunk, bad tempered woman was in charge of national security.


You are not taking into consideration that MOST woman are the primary care takers of the children in the families and that plays into the factors on what jobs we can take and what hours we can work. Not all woman can work nights and weekends and take on high risk jobs if they are single working mothers or the once who actually raise their kids. Your speech is biased. And does not take into consideration what women do in the home on top of working outside the home. Most men only have to worry about their jobs not raising the kids. Not saying ALL but most.

922 days ago

Dr Hardwicke    

Hillary Clinton -- Close Encounter at Sea with MASSIVE Whale

How disappointing, I thought they WERE talking about Hillary?

Hillary better be careful, if she gains another 40 pounds Ole Bill will be sniffing after her aain?

922 days ago


No doubt the taxpayers are picking up the tab.

922 days ago


Good for her, every one needs to blow off some steam from time to time. A different location to go check out as well.

922 days ago


If anyone deserves to have a little time to party it's Secretary Clinton. Go Madame Secretary!

922 days ago


I would if the CIA had her on the democratic client list for the prostitutes that they hired for the Columbian visit.

922 days ago

louis river    

What I could say; Hillary for President 2016! We will have a national party with Colombian beer...

922 days ago


Remember the tax payers paid for the outing.....

922 days ago


Hillary Clinton suffers hangover after getting drunk at Colombian party!

922 days ago


Get a life. Find something better to do with your time. She is not doing anything wrong. Stop trying to get something going with her having a little fun. She is not hurting anyone!! Do something better with your time.

922 days ago


I love these pics of Sen. Hilary Clinton out having a good time and enjoying herself. If there is anyone who deserves a "girls night out"'s her! Seeing the human side of some of these political people can be heartwarming!

922 days ago

david a.    

I love her, wish my mom would do that!!

922 days ago


Remember OUR TAX PAYER DOLLARS funded this outing... I wish they would pay for my outings!!!!!

922 days ago
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