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Lindsay Lohan

Parties at Coachella

4/15/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Parties at Coachella
Lindsay Lohan has clearly discounted/ignored the advice of Judge Stephanie Sautner who urged her to stay away from the club scene, because she was front and center at hard-partying Coachella this weekend.

She was there with a dude, didn't drink as far as we can tell, but nonetheless the temptations at the music festival are endless.

On the upside, she looked good.


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tweets, one from TMZ, wanting to talk to someone at the party:

t_krish ‏ @t_krish
Currently with Jared Leto, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. This is so awkward. #Coachella

Morgan Manousos Morgan Manousos ‏ @m_manousos
@t_krish Hey! I work for TMZ. I saw your tweet about being w/ Lindsay Lohan. Could u follow me so we can DM. Would love to talk abt it! Thx

929 days ago


This was supposedly taken at the party last night:

929 days ago


"She was there with a dude, didn't drink as far as we can tell," well sure, assuming that there REALLY was water in that Evian bottle.

929 days ago


What does an eighth of cocaine look like if you dissolve it in a $75.00 bottle of vodka water?

929 days ago


and there you have it, TMZ sources are randoms on twitter who can tweet any crap they want but can't back anything up LMAO! also haters take a tweet, and repeat it as if it means something! fools LOL! why not repeat one of the MANY encourgaging supportive tweets Lindsay gets, oh yes, I forgot, you only HATE!

If anyone thinks Lindsay Lohan isn't being targetted, think again. TMZ asked only about Lindsay, not Jared Leto, or Paris Hilton. This girl is being hunted.

929 days ago


Lindsay doens't have to listen to anyone, don't you all know that?

929 days ago

Ellie G    

Oh poor Lindsay is being hunted now. Well I hope they catch her alive and put her in a cage in a zoo on display so we can all walk by and point and laugh.

929 days ago


Her hair looks stupid, everyone knows she is balding. I bet those pants are stuck to to the blotchy tree trunk legs too.

929 days ago


I knew someone who would put vodka in her water bottles

929 days ago


extreme jim carrey horse teeth.and fake hair always brings the best out in a person..
does cnutchilla have a designated snorting area..or is it free to sniff everywhere?

929 days ago


TMZ is getting as misleading with their headlines as a typical rag magazine..... The judge didn't say she 'could NOT' pary, she suggested that she not go clubing' & focus on her career... IMO, by the judge 'suggesting' that she was putting 'clubs/booze/drugs' all in one catagory & didn't want Lindsey to fall off the sober train as clubs would be tempting.... Lindsey is doing just fine & appears that any & all photos of her taken are clean & sober & having fun..... This time, she's drinking evian in the pix, however, one time she was drinking red bull & TMZ tried to say it was booze UNTIL someone cleared it up for the writer...... Wow, that Huffington Post article about TMZ is correct for you actually envy the rich & famous & try to bring them down..........

929 days ago


I just hope she didn't lose that hat after she blacked out.

929 days ago


Don't even care.

929 days ago


RuPauls hair is more real then lindsays.
Messenger said "
Gerard Butler is there, And he just got out of I dont see a problem"
God Damnit...Maybe they are allowed to drink goto clubs and party..But should they?
Its not like anything good has come out of it.
For their very short life, they have abused them selves..
moderation is good if they can control it..but they have proven time and time again that they cant

929 days ago


She deserves to have some fun after all she has suffered due to how harshly the legal system has treated her.

929 days ago
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