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Original Guns N' Roses Members

Screw Axl ...

We Got a NEW Singer

4/16/2012 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No Axl? No problem.

The other original members of Guns N' Roses -- Slash, Duff and Steven Adler -- didn't let Axl Rose's boycott of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame keep them from performing some of GNR's greatest hits this weekend ... they just used a different singer.

The band hit the stage with Myles Kennedy on lead vocals ... busting out hits like "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City."

FYI -- Myles was the singer on Slash's solo album ... and also fronts the band Alter Bridge.

A judge already ruled that Axl owns the name Guns N' Roses ... and he still tours under the the GNR banner ... but who DESERVES the title? Axl and his band ... or Slash, Duff, Steven and the replacement?


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In truth neither deserves the name. Only a band consisting of Slash, Duff, Adler, and Axl Rose is Guns n Roses. However, I really like the guys who showed up to the Hall of Fame and I think Axl is a world class a-hole. So if I had to pick one it would be Hall of Fame group.

897 days ago


Duff and Slash never stopped performing together, so that wasn't the highlight for me. Steven looked so happy back there and Duff interacting with him was beautiful. Sober up Steven and live a happy life.

897 days ago


Axl hasn't looked that good in years!

897 days ago



897 days ago


I do wish Axl would have accepted the award. I actually want to punch him in the junk for not doing it. Geeze man, stop whining. That being said, Myles has no chutzpah..and too much vibrato. GAH. Lets call this a gun fight at high noon; I think Axl would blow this pop tart off the range with whatever it is Axl has that made "it work". I would be VERY bored at a Myles concert. He simply didn't even come close to lighting that fire, even with the "boys" by his side. True story.

897 days ago


The replacement guy was pretty good.

897 days ago


Myles was one of many lead singers for Slash's first solo album, but takes all lead vocals on the 2nd, which comes out next month. He's such an amazing talent, and I'm so glad he got this opportunity. The GNR songs he has done on tour with Slash have all been spot on, and he's very respectful of the material.

897 days ago


It's sad to hear "sweet child o' mine" without Axl on vocal. =/

897 days ago


it sounded great besides the singing

897 days ago


Dear Harvey,
Since you are apparently intent on hiring illiterate twits to write your copy, could you at least pony up for some grammar check software? The opening line of this story doesn't even make sense and it's embarrassing.

897 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

A. Gilby Clarke WAS there - look on the left side of the stage, playing guitar.

B. Auto Tune didn't exist back when they re-corded the original GnR records.

C. This band, with Gilby & Miles Kennedy & both drummers, (along w/ the other slighted member, keyboardist/harmonica player Teddy "Zig Zag" Andreadis should go out & tour. Call it "The real G & R " cleverly avoiding Axl's shanhai'd name of "GnR" or "Guns n' Roses".

D: Axl only owns the name because one night on the "Use Your Illusion" tour, he threw a hissy fit & refused to go onstage until the other members of the band signed over the rights to the name to him. They just wanted to get our there and play the gig & signed... stupidly.

897 days ago


Axl was always the weak link in the band. That being said, I've gained a ton of respect for him for not coming. The hall of shame is a joke. madonna and ll cool j are in. KISS, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Rush are not in. Axl joins The Sex Pistols in telling the hall of shame that they are a joke. Good job Axl. I wouldn't go there for free.

897 days ago

Ronnie DeHaan

897 days ago


Nice opening paragraph you f*cking morons. Do you even proofread? I can't believe what a bunch of hacks the TMZ writers are.

897 days ago


As much as a pre-madonna that Axl is, he legally own Guns N Roses, and since the band he's never left GNR so I'm sticking with Axl. Slash of course has done several other projects since leaving GNR, if title was given to him it would only dilute the rebel meaning GNR stands for to just a notch on Slash's belt. Duff, Izzy, Steven sorry they pretty much too have proven when they left GNR to do other things they didn't succeed anywhere to the stature of GNR, which proves the reason that band kicked ass wasn't necessarily the mad skills of Slash on guitar, but it was really the F authority persona Axl brought to make it what it was HEAVY METAL

897 days ago
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