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Johnny Depp Sued

Over Alleged Concert Attack --

Your Thugs Ripped My Pants Off

4/16/2012 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp is being sued by a 52-year-old disabled woman who says she was roughed up and humiliated by the actor's bodyguards during a concert back in December ... claiming Depp's hired muscle beat her up and tore her pants off.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the woman -- who identifies herself as Jane Doe -- claims she was trying to get to her seat in the V.I.P. area of an Iggy Pop concert when Depp's goons went berserk.

In her suit, Doe -- who claims she's a professor of medicine at UC Irvine -- claims for no reason, Depp's team grabbed her from behind and bear-hugged her, while restraining both of her wrists.

Doe claims the bodyguards went after her cell phone -- which contained highly sensitive confidential medical information about her patients -- and ripped it from her hand "one finger at a time."

Doe claims a member of Depp's squad eventually put her in handcuffs -- and then dragged her on the ground, causing her pants to be removed from her body, "exposing her buttocks to  the other Hollywood Palladium Theater patrons.

Doe claims she suffered severe injuries in the incident -- including a dislocated left elbow, bleeding, swelling, bruising and possibly broken bones.

The woman also claims the incident caused more damage to her pre-existing spondyloarthritis and fibromyalgia -- which affects her joints and back. 

Doe is suing for unspecified damages.

TMZ broke the story ... the woman had filed a report with the L.A.P.D. immediately following the incident ... and identified herself as Robin Eckert. Law enforcement sources tell us Eckert appeared intoxicated at the time she made the report.

We're told the case is still under investigation -- but law enforcement sources tell us the alleged victim has been less than cooperative.


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nof p.s.

The Plot Thickens p.s.

Depp's bodyguards close in when it's apparent the woman is dangerous.

Depp recognizes her as a skank doing unnecessarily weeding and in his garden.

Depp remembers her from being in the Ralph's "ten or less" line eight days before - eyeballing him oddly.

Depp remembers her face as a woman that's been following him since 2006 -

Depp recalls finding her wandering aimlessly in the Swish Alps - not far from Depp's castle.

Depp remembers receiving odd mail with cut-out letters that say threatening things like I'm Watching You.

922 days ago


What She Sez Happened:

Depp_Thugs (aka Duggs) robbed her, beat her, took her pants off, rubbed coconut oil on her arse then urinated in her second-best purse.

What REALLY Happened:

She worms her way into an area she has no business BEING in - and an area specifically DESIGNED to keep Losers away.

She flirts with Depp, telling Depp she's loved, absolutely loved ALL of his work since "Jump Street" and she'd love to get to know him better.

Feels a cosmic connection to Depp she's never felt with anyone else - not even Pitt, Clooney or Bieber.

-She further gives Depp a script for "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory 7" which has already been written/green lit - can he read it right now.

-She throws up on Depp's shoes but later says it didn't even come close to Depp's shoes.

She's taking footage of all this on her Verizon cell phone and downloading it to her laptop.

She insists Depp sign the eleven scripts she's bought along and to pester him with.

She calls 911 and to report Depp going in to her bra.

She falls seven times and threatens legal action 6 of the 7.

922 days ago

Joel Stottlemire    

It's hard to imagine that Johnny Depp would need bodyguards, let alone thugs. He doesn't seem like the "posse" type. I have to wonder if there's more to this story.

Joel, author

922 days ago


The twist p.s. from Nof:

Odd-thing-is these chicks are usually really good in bed.

922 days ago


Another odd p.s.

Depp says he's mysteriously drawn to women like this and hopes like hell this doesn't discourage her from next time.

He was playing hard-to-get that night - and now regrets it.

922 days ago


Something doesn't sound right here. This is a very different story from the original one and if she is a professor of medicine then she would know if she had broken bones...not "possibly broken bones". Doesn't pass the smell test. However having said that...nobody has the right to put hands on her.

922 days ago


Depp has a Motel_6 attitude regarding unknown visitors:

"He'll Leave-The-Light-On-For-Ye."

-Depp DOES ask that HE be the only celebrity you stalk.


If you're currently stalking Sharon Stone or
Halle Berry?

- don't bother swinging by Depp's place.

- Depp requires Exclusivity with his stalkers.

-Is selfish in this respect.

922 days ago


Depp met with the Obama's in late March.

-Asking for a National-Stalking-Day.

922 days ago


Perfect example of why Clooney gives known stalkers -

-His home address.

Feels if they get a sense they're TRUSTED - they're safer.

-Most of the time a stalker just wants to be friends.

Be able to call you every-so-often and say hey.

922 days ago


I think she's got a case, inebriated or not if she had a ticket for the VIP section then she had a right to be there. I looked her up, and she does appear to be an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of California Irvine School of Medicine. She should sue the venue and Depp.

922 days ago


Paris Hilton's stalker just got his bicycle fixed.

-The one he drove from Van Nuys to Malibu.

-In order to say hey.

922 days ago


i wouldn't mind a thug ripping my pants off

922 days ago


Let's decriminalize Stalking.

Or at least break it down -- categorically.

To wit:

Class A Stalking: When you break in to a celeb's home but merely to sleep on their couch or floor.

Class B Stalking: When you break into a celeb's place - but only to go through their drawers/hiding places.

Class C Stalking: When you break into a celeb's home but only to have memorabilia signed.

Class D Stalking: When you drive by a celeb's home less than seven times -- and only look, say, twice.

Class E Stalking - When you only try to make friends with a celeb's pet.

Deep down stalkers are probably really nice people -

922 days ago


Common Jay Leno practice when he does a club:

Searches the room and for the likeliest stalker.

Always find him/her in the upper right hand corner.

Hiding behind a blue back pack.

922 days ago


This sounds very un-Depp like. I hope it's not true. If his security did act like asses, I honestly think Depp will do what he can to make it right.

922 days ago
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