Paris Hilton Escapes MASSIVE Brawl ... Caught on Tape!

3/16/2012 10:20 AM PDT

Paris Hilton Escapes MASSIVE Fight ... Caught on Tape!

Paris Hilton left Madeo in the nick of time ... 'cause as she was pulling out of the restaurant in her red Ferrari last night ... a HUGE brawl broke out in the middle of the street ... and it was all captured on tape.

It all started when a valet and a paparazzo (not ours) ... started yelling at each other ... and the valet straight up BITCH SLAPS the pap right in the face.

The pap drops his gear and goes after the valet ... and during the melee, they knock into a man and his date ... who had just finished dining and were waiting at the valet stand.

The male patron flips out ... and unleashes a fists-of-fury style beatdown on the photog ... while his date calmly gets into the waiting car.

After the pap runs out of steam, the patron moves to get into his waiting Mercedes ... but not before yelling out one final taunt.

No word if the patron ever got around to tipping the valet.