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Milli Vanilli

Who DOESN'T Lip-Sync

These Days?

4/17/2012 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Fabrice Morvan -- better known as one half of duo Milli Vanilli -- tells TMZ ... he's sort of a trailblazer ... because nowadays almost EVERYBODY in pop music lip-syncs their songs.

Fab was leaving Le Pain Quotidien bakery in L.A. yesterday ... when we asked about his infamous phony vocals scandal in 1990 ... when it was revealed neither he nor Rob Pilatus actually sang any of the hits on their album, "Girl You Know It's True."

Fab tells TMZ, "There is no difference between what I did back then and what people are doing now."

He explains, "If you wanna break it down, people might say, 'Well you didn't sing' ... but the fact of the matter is ... now the machines are doing it."

Fab says technology like Auto-Tune allows singers to completely change their voice ... duping fans into believing they can sing ... when, in fact, they can't.

"I ain't pointing the finger, but if you're doing all this and you're not performing the song live ... then you're not doing anything different from what I did."

In case you forgot, check out Milli Vanilli's biggest hit, "Blame It On the Rain." It was later revealed the real vocals were provided by several other people.


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northern gypsy    

yikes...this is a tough one to call...for me it comes down to they accepted awards under false pretense...sadly had the technology been developed in their time R.P. (imo) would be alive !!!

885 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah not buying it.

885 days ago


Autotune is killing music. It's such bull that there are really talented singers out there who can't get signed, while people like Kesha and Will I Am are going platinum. When did "music" stop being MUSIC?!

885 days ago


And at least Milli Vanilli lip-synced to actual singers! Don't blame them, blame the music industry. If they hadn't done what they did, someone else would have.

885 days ago


He's got a point. Autotune can make anybody sound like they can sing. Even stupid videos of people talking are being processed to sound like they are singing. If they keep this up pretty soon you wont have to sing at all, they will just come up with a custom synthetic voice for someone and then do some kind of copyright or trademark so nobody else can use it. People will be lip syncing to computer voices and all they will be is just pretty faces. For some reason a lot of people are fine with this.

885 days ago

American Patriot    

Lipp sync or NOT......WE have always loved you guys!!!!! It was a disgrace for them to take back ur grammy....

love, america

885 days ago


Are he and over half of the people who vote on TMZ morons? Yes, singers today usually lip-sync their songs in concert - BUT THEY AT LEAST ARE LIP-SYNCING TO THEIR OWN VOICE. Those losers couldn't even sing a song in a recording studio. So not even the same thing.

885 days ago


Still dumber than dirt.

885 days ago

Bohemian Belle    

It sets a bad example.n I would feel ripped off if I went to see a concert and to find out that it was all lip sync. Has the music business gone so far to make a buck that its all just show? sad sad sad .. integrity has gone out the window

885 days ago


Solid guy... he gave a concise overview of the industry. The music industry and the media manipulators has their talking heads out there talking smack as to why sells are on a decline, now that's what I call the "BIG LIE", as are many - but the truth is they are so determined exploit and control music for profit that they've totally destroyed the organic evolution of music reducing it to shallow, five words repetitiveness fluffy, autotuned, synthetic, nothingness. Not to mention the disgusting self-absorbed brooding white-boy emo "love songs" and black dudes singing/talking BS and saying crap like they're going to marry their girl... now you known and I know brothas from the hood don't marry. I bet you 99.98% have never been to a wedding. Those dudes are just singing that crap to help guys get some stuff. The only thing brothas know about marriage is what they see on television.

885 days ago


Can't stand lip-syncing, especially when it's not even your voice. Can't stand when the word "band" is put behind Boy Band when none of them play an instrument. Growing up I listened to what is now called classic rock, but one thing for sure, they all played musical instruments and sang their own songs with their own voices. You can't beat that type of music.

885 days ago


He really does have a point. In many cases today, even if they are "singing" live, you are hearing a voice just digitally based on the person's voice. So someone with a weak, shaky, out of tune, narrow range voice is really lip-syncing in the modern way to sound like a powerful, full-range real singer with perfect pitch. And of course on recordings - it's all the engineer's doing for these weak non-singers masquerading as singers. If they accept awards for actual singing, they are being just as dishonest. The awards should go to engineers.

885 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I really like Fabrice, but I can't get behind him on this. Everyone else is lip syncing their own songs. He was lip syncing someone else's songs.

885 days ago


They are unfortunately correct and everyone lip-synchs now. Paying $100+ for a concert ticket gets you a 2-hour karaoke show these days. It's pathetic.

885 days ago


Milli Manilli were two very young men, like many young people they were struggling to find a path and make a living.
Then the Magic Man shows up and says.."Here's $10,000,000 for you, just go on stage and pretend to sing"
You would have done it too. We all would at that age, or any age, for that kind of money.
Sad part is the other guy killed himself on drugs, after a fickle nation of so-called music fans vented and projected their own insecurities onto them.

Girl you know it's true, ooo ooo ooo I love you-ou. Admit, you still sing along :D

885 days ago
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