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'Basketball Wives' Star

Sues Over Slap Fight --

I'm Soooo Traumatized!!!

4/18/2012 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams is finally fighting back after being slapped in the face by her reality show nemesis Nia Crooks ... with a big, fat, stinging lawsuit. 

TMZ broke the story ... Williams filed a police report after the January 21 incident, in which she claims Crooks delivered an "open hand" slap to the left side of her face during a group outing to a race track in Florida.

The incident was caught on tape by the "Basketball Wives" crew and aired last week. During the melee, Crooks threatened Williams right before the attack ... saying, "Do I need to slap you in the face to wake you up?"

Williams replied, "I wish you would." She got her wish.

Williams has now followed up with a civil suit in NY ... going after Nia's ass for assault and battery. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jennifer claims she suffered serious injuries in the attack ... as well as "mental shock, mental anguish and psychological trauma”

Williams is demanding Nia fork over a massive check for all of her medical expenses and other damages.

Calls to Crooks have not been returned.


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thats so pathetic she asked for her to hit her. So why was she surprised with she came across the table. This show has a bad portrayal on sport players wives. It shouldn't be about just twitter arguments and he say she say gossip. Grow up for godsakes your kids watch this show and everyone in america is seeing you get embarrassed

882 days ago

Reese Cup    

Weak Bitch, Jennifer needs to leave the show she to soft...

882 days ago


Good for Jennifer! Seriously, because Jennifer isn't her friend anymore!? Pathetic. That Bitch is Evelyns assistant, what does she expect? I use to like Evelyn and Tammy, till they showed what bully's they are. I use to like Shauni until she started to condone it all. All for money, power, and attention. Jennifer is the only one who can act civilize and try to maturely deal with a situation. The other 3 I mentioned plus bitch Nia should be embarrassed and ashamed as hell. Great role models for our young women and kids that are allowed to watch. Thanks Shauni!

882 days ago

Phil Alger    

So now should we ask why some are not wanted on bachelor??? Oh ****! Now I'll be called a racist!

882 days ago


All of you stupid folks sayin that Jen asked for it - when there is a fight brewing people usually say things like that - come on, hit me. Putting your hands on someone is taking things to another level. Also, when people are fighting the say any crap that comes to mind just to hurt that person, so Jen referring to Nia's 2 bedroom was just that - to hurt her. Why was Evelyn crying those fake tears. Jen does not need the money, it is to make an example of these women who love to fight. Also she filed papers in Miami and there is a jurisdiction issue and so she files in NY and probably Nia is here and had to be served here. Good for you Jen - you do not have to stoop to their level to retaliate. Sue Evelyn also for the threats she made against you and shut her up!!!

882 days ago


They are sooooo GHETTO....why do they have a show?

882 days ago



881 days ago


I am soooooo sick of these stupid women. They continue to behave like animals. They thrive on this crap for a paycheck. They are impacting young women all around the globe and continue to show the "angry black woman" stereotype still living large today. They need to get a clue and see that they are perpetuating misconduct of young women around the globe. These cable networks need to turn this crap off. Postive black role models need to be shown. One great example of a show is Sweetie Pies on OWN. The family on that show exemplifies all the wonderful qualities that should be shown on TV; love, respect, hard work, laughs, and genuinely happy people. Even Beverly's Full House shows a black family striving to act better, love one another and live with differences without acting like fools. What the hell is going on these days. This Jennifer girl signed up for that crappy show, she was warned she was going to get hit, she got hit, she got paid, and continued to do the show after according to the reports on this issue. Maybe her lawsuit will teach the producers of these violent, low-down shows to get their acts together and think of ways to show black people in a better light. There are so many wonderful, loving black people that these shows need to cease and we need to see the love that black families and friends have for each other. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

881 days ago


Kudos, to Jennifer the only role model on the show. I wish you were suing Evelyn she deserves it. If Jen, is removed from the show we will boycott and I mean boycott the show and the products, Tammi, Evelyn and Shaunie (shoes) are selling. I will not advocate violence by supporting this show or the products they are hustling.

I was appaulled at the treatment of Meeka and now Jennifer. I am furious who does Evelyn think she is I used to love her. Again if Jennifer is removed the way Meeka was we will boycott this show and Evelyn and Ocho show.

881 days ago

R. Parker    

First of all, Shaunie is supposed to be neutral but she is part of the drama. They clearly have chosen sides (Evelyn's). Even thought she invited that thing to slap her, she had no business putting her hands on Jennifer and she should be taught a lesson. She let Evelyn soup her up and she took it too far. I only condone violence when it is self-defense and it wasn't in this case. If some of them boycott the reunion, so be it because right is right.

881 days ago


shaunie likes all the bs that is going on, she never says any thing even she see that person is wrong! who is nia? she is the hired help what was she doing there? evelyn needs to be put in her place,she is a hoe and shauie stands by would think that after having a heard attack, tami would act better but she is a s--- started,jennifer should sue nia,what is trying to do, get a place on the show?

881 days ago


Jen is only embarassed because she was slapped in public. If she feels this way then just quit the show. We all know the reality shows are all about drama so why act so surprised. I wouldn't say Jen deserved to be slapped because they all as woman has nasty mouths for a lady. As far as Evelyn, we all know how she reacts when you cross her. She is true to who she is, she don't take no mess neither does Tami. My suggestion Jen just quit the show because the BBW doesn't revolve around here.

880 days ago


I've seen a few episodes...watched them online for free because they aren't worth the money to pay for them. I just have to say that these ladies completely lack any intellect...the whole crew. Their whole show is based around adult bullying. If I were them, especially the ones with young daughters, I would feel ashamed and disgusted with myself for accepting payment for participation in a show like this and for everything they stand for. They lack principal, integrity and morals. Can't they base the show on something other than confrontational gatherings about who said what behind whose back? Seriously...they have completely humiliated themselves. Thanks for disempowering women, ladies. Why don't you show some intelligence and class and start to act like the "ladies" that you claim you are?

880 days ago


On the show Jennifer Williams made fun of Nia for living in a "2 bedroom apartment in harlem" - but what people didnt know until it aired was that Jennifer was staying with Nia in her 2 bedroom apartment before she got her money from the show, and before she had a car. what a cold heartless bitch to act like she is better then anyone, SO JENNIFER- YOUR SAYING ALL PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS ARE TRASH AND ARE POOR??? How F'N low can someone go. **You can have all the money in the world Jennifer, but that will never buy your evil ass any CLASS** Dont get it twisted-- being a ***** doesnt mean you take the higher road and choose not to fight, your just scared, you are a long way from CLASS.

879 days ago


ALSO- One day Tami will meet her match, and I can't wait. She is the leading cause of 80% of ALL fights. Also, I hope crazy biotch Kenya Bell doesnt come back....she was too odd...and when the shoe was on the other foot she was ready to throw the other new girl under the bus, thats where she screwed up. any new girl coming on should know to stay away from the 3 most immature women Ive EVER saw- TAMI- EVELYN- SUZI.

879 days ago
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