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Pregnant Man

Separates from Wife --

She Hasn't Seen My Man Parts

4/19/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Thomas Beatie
-- famously known as the Pregnant Man -- has separated from his wife of 9 years ... and according to Beatie, she still hasn't seen his new man parts yet.

38-year-old Beatie made the break-up announcement during a recent taping for the show "The Doctors" -- admitting he and his wife Nancy were going through a rough patch ... "At the moment, we're separated."

Beatie -- who's given birth to three children -- also said he recently underwent a final female-to-male gender reassignment surgery, but claims he hasn't had a chance to show Nancy his new equipment.

Beatie said, "Nancy hasn't seen the new me yet."


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The only reason we hear about this b*tch or any other freaks is because Harvey likes to trot them out and call them the wrong gender so he can push the gay agenda of forcing the rest of us to completely accept their insanity no matter how ridiculous it is.

If this chick really wanted to be a dude, she would have quietly had her sex changed and got on with life as a "man." If she was convincing enough she wouldn't have to force people to call her a him.

But she is really just a selfish narcissist who wanted attention by becoming a "pregnant man" and then becoming a "man who was a woman" instead of just a man. She plastered her freakishness all over the media, Harvey was a part of it, and now they want us to treat her like some kind of normal ordinary guy?

This is why people aren't being homophobic or paranoid when they say hollywood is full of f*gs using the media to promote a gay agenda.

916 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

Listen, why do you people keep pushing this woman on us? It's a woman because men can't have children.

Just because she wants to have a sex change doesn't make her a biological man. She is a biological woman and that's why she can have kids.

mike t.

916 days ago


lol they call this woman a flash if she were to go missing and they found nothing but bones they would classify her as a woman because she has one less rib and her pelvic region is wider for child can change the outside but you cant change bone structure. or genetics

916 days ago


i'm "gay" because i love men. i'm proud of what i am and who i am, even though i don't "practice" because nobody is good enough for me in West Virginia. this sort of thing is just crazy to me. have they actually proven that people are born the wrong gender or are these people just insane?

916 days ago


I feel about this the same as I did about Chaz. They were women with women, who were lesbians. Now they want to be "men", so why would their women want to be with them? Don't hand me all the "it's the same person inside" crap cause that doesn't change what you sexually desire. In their cases, WOMEN.

916 days ago


Please stop calling this character a pregnant man. That is a woman. And, no matter how hard she tries (shaving her hair, hormones, and whatever else) she is still a woman. You can't change your DNA. A man has NEVER been pregnant.

916 days ago



916 days ago


I feel you have a right to do as you please when it affects YOU and only you. I feel bad for the kids I am sure they will be made fun of since when I was a child you were a "freak " if your parents weren't married. God bless the children oh and the dogs too Harvey. ;)

916 days ago


To Mr/Mizz-Righteous-Self-Important-The-Final-Authority-Correct-In-All-Things-In-My-Little-White-Coat. JayTee was speaking principally and not intended as a PhD dissertation on male female anatomy. OF COURSE you will know more as a dr. But cheez, I thought you brainy types were too smart to be on a tabloid website!!! I bet you also have an closet Enquirer subscription also to find all kinds of medical things to correct!!! Leave Jaytee alone. Self hatred is the essence of this person's emotional issues that physical alteration will never address.

916 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't care how you mutilated yourself by definition you are female! Time to shut the f**K up and go away!

916 days ago


He has NO balls !
Stupid to call a woman a man !

916 days ago


That's a shame, somewhat of an anti-climax after all the initial hype, maybe it's just sign of the times with half of all relationships ending in divorce or seperation? awell?

916 days ago


I'm sorry, but I don't care how you mutilated yourself by definition you are female! Time to shut the f**K up and go away!

916 days ago


Nice freaking shirt (not). "Courgar Bait" you wish.

916 days ago


Hey guys HES dont ,cant and never will give birth !!!!!!!! ....not being a hater just tired of everybody trying to put a square peg into a round hole

916 days ago
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