The Pregnant Man Rooting for Chaz Bono On 'Dancing With the Stars'

9/23/2011 6:25 AM PDT

The Pregnant Man -- Rooting for Chaz Bono on 'Dancing With the Stars'

There's no transgender jealousy going on between Thomas Beatie and Chaz Bono -- because everyone's favorite pregnant man told us ... he's pulling for Chaz to take home the title on "Dancing With the Stars."

Beatie, his three children, and wife Nancy were out at CityWalk yesterday -- where he told our photog he thought it was "awesome" that Chaz was doing the show, saying, "It's wonderful and it's good to see other transgender people in the media."

Beatie told us last month he did reach out to the producers of the show to try and get on, but never heard back.