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Lindsay Lohan

Instigated Hotel Fight

... Says Witness

4/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was the instigator, aggressor and drink-tosser in the fight at The Standard Hotel Wednesday night ... this according to a witness who was with the other girl involved in the altercation.

The witness tells us ... the incident began after a major misunderstanding between the two sides while they were partying at the Smoke and Mirrors nightclub inside the hotel.

We're told the girl was hanging out at the booth next to Lindsay's ... when Lohan tapped her on the shoulder aggressively and asked, "Did you bump into me?"

The girl denied the bump ... and suggested the real culprit could have been one of the guys in Lindsay's group. She then pointed to one of the men.

Lindsay replied, "That's my dad ... why would he bump me?"

The girl shot back, "You go clubbing with your dad?"

That's when Lindsay snapped ... so says the witness ... who claims Lindsay began cussing at the girl and then threw a drink at her face.

We're told Lindsay's dad realized what was happening ... grabbed his daughter ... and bailed.

Michael Lohan appeared on "TMZ Live" yesterday and adamantly denied his daughter chucked any beverage that night (below) ... claiming it was Lindsay who was the real victim and the recipient of the liquid projectile.

Either way, the other girl is currently weighing her legal options.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us LiLo is adamant -- her dad is telling the true story.


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u iz a cutiepie    

The lohans are such losers..and it IS creepy that her loser father shows up at night clubs with his daughter. Hows that Liz role coming along for ya, loser?

918 days ago



918 days ago


February 22, 2029

Linsday Lohan attended another probation progress hearing Wednesday in Los Angeles and the judge told her she's pleased that the starlet seems to be getting her life back on track.

918 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches

Lindsay Lohan may be sober but she seems to have replaced her substance abuse with an ANGER problem. She crashed a Ciroc/Gen Art party at Coachella and immediately started a big fuss demanding to get photographers thrown out.

The Gen Art people WANTED the fotogs to cover the event and refused to evict them. They reminded her “It’s not YOUR party!” Lindsay got into such a nasty argument with paparazzi that SHE was asked to leave. Later she returned and apologized but she was still agitated. (Because she was sober?) When Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis came to the door (Remember “firecrotch?“) she told the organizers NOT to let them in. Of course they DID let them in, but Paris and Brandon were very relaxed and made no trouble while Lindsay fumed and fussed and made a big deal out of avoiding them.

(Even Lindsay’s companion (assistant?) looked embarrassed.)

918 days ago


What is wrong with this family? Why on earth is Lindsay going back to the place where she was either accused of an altercation that never happened, or there was an altercation? Does she not have any sense at all. Notice nothing is being said about the accident prior to this incident? What happened to the person driving the car, supposedly? Did they just disappear (if it was truly only Lindsay and her Dad in the booth as Michael would lead us to believe)? Why on earth didn't her Dad get her out of there when he arrived? Why would he take her into the same club where there was possibly some type of altercation the week before?

(This must be killing Jill that Lindsay turned to her Father in a time of need, though!)

918 days ago


coachilla rages on this weekend..wonder if Milo is going just to have a nice quite talk with lindsay there?
a sober sit down where they can discuss the dangers of partying inbetween water funnels,and "life water" chugging contests"

918 days ago


If Michael Jr. is still in California (as the picture of Lindsay and Michael Jr. in the car suggest) does that mean Dina is still in California? Why would Lindsay call her Dad and not her Mom?

918 days ago


That comment about * did you bump me* was the * missing part* of this puzzle!!! Now that makes sense...If Lindsay can't stop causing trouble and acting like the wannabe diva....she shouldn't be clubbing!!

918 days ago


"Law enforcement had been in contact with Lindsay's attorney last week, and they wanted to formally interview her.

The lead investigator was told that Lindsay wasn't going to be made available at this time though.

She has another weekend at Coachella to attend and is focusing on reuniting with her water-drinking buddy, father Micheal Lohan.

918 days ago


The whole Lohan family needs to be sterilized to prevent any more of these blights in America.

918 days ago


must be rough to be a "water-holic" hope she doesnt get waterintoxication.
she doesnt drink alot, she is too busy thowing her drinks at people..
what grown up starts a fight "did you bump me???"that sounds like a middle scool playground altercation.

918 days ago


I guess this went right out the window.

Lindsay is telling friends, she's taking her new gig extremely seriously -- "obsessing over getting the part right" for the film.

According to sources, Lindsay is doing nothing but watching old Liz Taylor movies to help her recreate the Hollywood icon's posture, speech, and every other little detail.

We're told Lindsay has also been watching old Liz interviews online and reading a bunch of Liz biographies.

918 days ago


"The standard" Must love the Idea that at the both lindsay is surrounded by more water then "Aquaman"..her possi is the only sober ones at the bar..and thanks to them they could all be designated drivers..
nothing like 5-7 people in her group being sobercoaches/bouncers for all those drunks

918 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

richardwww: about an hour ago

I support Lindsay but she shouldn't have been at that place. People are always gonna see her as an easy target and try to bait her for the $$$. I see that woman is "weighing up her legal options" its pathetic and that statement says it all.

Lindsay, get out of LA asap
Well richard, your mom did one thing right naming you richard. She knew right away you would end up a D!ck in life

918 days ago


Lohan = S***

918 days ago
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