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The Game

Dumps TWO Bottles

of $1,400 Bub on the Street

4/20/2012 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an effort to get even more people to hate his guts, rapper The Game grabbed TWO bottles of $1,400 champagne and dumped them out on the street last night ... because he felt like it.

Game was leaving the Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when he TOPPED his wasteful performance from earlier in the week ... by pouring out two bottle of Ace of Spades champagne right onto the sidewalk.

After he showered the pavement, Game decided to spread his wealth ... buying some late night hot dogs for anyone who happened to be in the area.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Yes, always a good idea to spend this kind of money (especially since this bottle is worth a months worth of wages for me) and dump it outside. Way to go doucheface. While you're at, go burn some money in front the kids who have no homes and no food to eat. That outta do the trick.

882 days ago


Hey, it's his money, earned by him so in my opinion he spend it however he wants for it is HIS to do so.... ! (That statement would apply to 'any' of us who have $$ for we earn it, it's ours to spend the way we see fit..... Everyone's priorities differ....)

882 days ago


Idiot...I feel sorry for his fans who waste their money to make this A**hole Rich.

882 days ago


Obnoxious ahole. I hope some of the poor people who are fans of his, and can't pay for food for their kids, read this. If he has that kind of money to spare, send it to people who need it.

882 days ago


He didn't do it "because he felt like it", he did it for a big story on TMZ

882 days ago


Stupid! Ive been unemployed for over a year and could really use that money. He shouldve just given it (the money) to a random person on the street. That wouldve been a lot cooler!

882 days ago


I don't hate him. If anything I feel sorry for him. Give him a few years and he'll be broke, owe the IRS millions, and be thrilled if he could get a $1,400 gig at the state fair.

882 days ago


Another idiot who doesn't know how to spend his money wisely...You'll see him on series SURREAL LIFE in a few years when he's broke and living in a shelter... MORON!

882 days ago


Hey trashy rapper. REAL men would have dumped at least a CASE of that crap on the street. Keep up your Game, 'cause I can't wait for you to be on welfare and living on the streets, and everyone pointing at your sorry arse and laughing like hell!!!

882 days ago


He's a complete idiot to pay $1,400 for a bottle of Champagne. Doesn't he know you can get a fantastic bottle of French Crémant for less than $20?

882 days ago

terry j vey    

afew years from now he will be on the front of your website declareing bankrupcy like so many other dum azzs

882 days ago


It's quite obvious most of you posters are simply "CLUELESS" regarding the "OUTLANDISH, EXAGGERATED" mystic that increases the fan base of Hip Hop/Rap artists. Everything they do is "OVER THE TOP" because tons of young people "fantasize" about "living large" and expressing themselves in a somewhat direct "NO HOLDS BARRED" manner. Their primary goal is GETTING PAID -- NOT BEING ADORED!!! Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken, 50% OF ALL HIP HOP/RAP MUSIC IS PURCHASED BY YOUNG "WHITE" MALES IN THE TWENTIES!!! As long as THE GAME, abides by local, state and federal laws, pays his taxes and his children are well cared for, what HE CHOOSES to do with "HIS MONEY IS HIS BUSINESS"!!! In fact, this is nothing more than a "PUBLICITY STUNT" just like all of these NASTY AZZ "WHITE" WOMEN who allow themselves to be photographed with their AZZEZ BRAZENLY EXPOSED IN SWIMSUITS. Personally, I would much rather see THE GAME pour expensive champagne on the sidewalk "ANY DAY" rather than these "SLEAZY AZZ HOES" and they wonder "WHY" men routinely "DISRESPECT" THEM!!!

882 days ago


His babies mommas have more to use againist him in court now!

882 days ago


What a wise use of 2800 dollars... why dont u use ur game and do something productive with that money like help the poor or donate it to a worthwhile cause. U dont deserve to have money ...

882 days ago


That would take too much energy to hate a guy I've only heard about on TMZ. I actually just think he's a loser. Most likely a drunk loser. ... whom of course in a few years will be filing for bankruptcy. enjoy while ya can brotha.

882 days ago
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