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'Real Housewife' Alex McCord

Real Housecat

Really Run Over by a Car

4/21/2012 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New York City" star Alex McCord and her family are dealing with a real tragedy -- their beloved cat Madge passed away this week after she was hit by a car. 

Neighbors discovered the cat lying in the street on Wednesday after she managed to get out of the house. McCord said Madge's body was still in perfect condition, so the family (including their other cat Erin) was able to say their goodbyes.

McCord says the death of Madge has been difficult to explain to her two boys, adding, "We talked about how … she was different because she wasn't alive anymore. They each wrote her a little note which we put in a box we buried her in and put a marker above her grave."

RIP ... cat.


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Never watched the show, but still....poor kitty :(

917 days ago


Keep your cats indoors to avoid tragedies like cars, diseases, dogs, aggressive and/or feral cats, unwanted pregnancies, ticks, fleas, and (depending on where you live) coyotes, bobcat, mountain lions, and even hawks and large owls. That's not even counting naughty kids with BB guns, people who collect cats to sell to labs, and so on. Please keep your cats indoors! (Yes, I understand this cat "got out of the house," but doesn't help the cat, and should not have happened.)

917 days ago


She's not famous and she's not even on any show any more so how does her CAT become news?

917 days ago


see tom, i told ya jerry was gonna get ya someday!!!

917 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I understand the cat committed suicide.

917 days ago


That's terrible. R.I.P Poor Kitty =(

917 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

BTW, we don't care about this. We want to see photos of the car Lohan was driving and the photos of what her car hit. We want to see police reports (they are public records you know), and who was allegedly driving the car. We want to know about any surveillance cameras and what the video shows. We want eyewitness quotes.
In other words TMZ, make yourself useful and actually search for information instead of getting press releases for the Lohan camp.

917 days ago


This story is just as IMPORTANT as who farted on the bench....AT least that one was funny. I could give 2 sh!ts about Alex McSkelator.....

917 days ago


This is the 2nd site I've seen run this story. WHY IS THIS NEWS?

917 days ago


Cool! I hate cats.

917 days ago

buzz kill    

Boo Hoo, cry me a river. Get over it. It was only a stinking cat, there are to many of them anyway.

917 days ago


Poor thing. It probably ran into traffic on purpose. It's eyes hurt from living in that bordello she calls a HOUSE. That, and her weird-o kids probably were always pulling its tail...or the Euro-trash, queer husband wanted to hear it as a fur hat.

917 days ago


Never never ever never let your cat outside, they are so little, maybe this cat was a house cat, but my cats are house cats, want nothing to do with the outside, when I hear cars ripping down my street, I don't have to worry

I feel horrible for them, sooo sad when a pet dies, even harder when they are killed

917 days ago


Why was the cat walking in the street?
Was she one of these irresponsible idiots who allow their cats to wander all over outside?
Was she one of these idiots who think it's "cruel" and "mean" and "unnatural" to keep your cat safely inside where it can't be killed by a car or raccoon or poisoned or in numerous fights or diseased or etc???

Yeah... cats and dogs and small children shouldn't be left outside alone (unless you're safely fenced in- and cats jump fences) unless you want them to be killed or lost in horrible ways.
Maybe it accidentally ran outside, but I'm suspecting she's just an irresponsible retard who's crying too late.

917 days ago

buzz kill    

She should have taught the dumb cat to look both ways before crossing the street.

917 days ago
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